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Golf League Tracker New Features

New features and enhancements are made to Golf League Tracker each season. Below lists the major new features added each season. For more details, see the Product Release Notes for all additions, changes, and fixes.

New Features for 2024


Optimized player scheduling for individual player leagues, with the player count evenly divisible by 4. This will make it so everybody plays against every an equal number of times (if you're playing match play) as well as play with everybody an equal number of times.

Added an icon in the schedule which links to the player profile, if a photo has been uploaded for them.

Cart Signs

Changed the Cart Sign feature to create a PDF file on the fly rather than rendering the sign in the browser. This allows for a more optimal layout of the cart sign as well as a quick way to then e-mail the PDF to the golf course if so desired.


Created an option to print blank scorecards without having to set up a scheduled round.


If you use League Groups, you previously could break your skins games for both net and gross into separate games for each group. This new option takes it a step further and allows you to break Gross skins into separate games for each group, while leaving Net skins for the whole league, or vice versa.


Added a new automated Phone Formatting option for the player profile. This helps insure accuracy of phone numbers when forced to enter a 10 digit number (in the US). If you're outside of the US you can leave the formatting of and enter whatever you like.


You can now send e-mails to individually selected players or, if you use League Groups, to individually selected groups, in addition to all Regular players and all Subs as previous.


Added another option when moving your round after a rainout. You can now move the round to an already existing date, and play 2 rounds on the same date.


Automatic logout/refresh of other tabs so that user is only logged into one league at a time.

New Settings for 2024

New Features for 2023


Create Custom Reports

The custom report option allows administrators to take a report, choose which filters to apply, change the sorting to their liking, then save those modifications as a "Custom Report". Custom reports can be added to the home page using the Custom Report Widget, and they appear in the Stats section under their own "Custom Report" heading.

New Reports

  • Handicap Differential Report: Show the performance of the league for different courses and front/back of the same course
  • New Dashboard Widget: Standings by League Group
  • Added the League Group option to the reports which didn't have that as a filter

Live Scoring

The Live Scoring Leaderboard has been optimized for leagues who play different sides and/or courses on the same day


Option to display tee boxes for each card for a variety of ways. For example, showing all tees entered for a course, or only tees which are assigned for the league, or tees used specific to each scorecard.

Image Gallery

New higher resolution images! Resolution has been changed from a max of 1024 pixels for width/height to 1920.

Administration Updates

  • New Manage Rainout functionality. The new system has a more step-by-step approach to rainouts to help prevent someone from accidentially moving or cancelling a round
  • New option for Stroke Control: Net Triple Bogey
  • For individual player leagues, you can find the player on the score entry screen by name and Golf League Tracker will automatically open their scorecard for entry. This is in addition to the standard way of entering scores by group.
  • Auto Set Pairings for a Single Round: For leagues with League Groups, you can now filter the player/team list by group, or show all.
  • Ability to manually add a sub for an open sub request

New Settings for 2023

New Features for 2022

Check back on this page as the 2022 spring season approaches for updates on all new features!


  • For leagues who play with multiple league groups on opposite sides, the scheduler has been improved to be a one-step scheduling action.
  • New option to distribute player/teams by group rather than putting all the groups together
  • New option with league groups to completely ignore the group when scheduling tee times
  • For individual player leagues, the ability to schedule the "course" in a foursome. This will allow the scheduling of a threesome for a tee time

Administration Updates

  • Ability to manually enter handicaps for all players on one screen
  • Ability to move scores from one side or course to another if you accidentially had schedule set incorrectly and entered scores on the wrong side or course.
  • League Health Checkup Tool - Automated checks for most common setup problems when running up your league.

UI Enhancements

  • Continued improvement of the UI and flow of the application

New Reports

  • Player Score Distribution - Bar chart of scores and number of scores (aka a Histogram)
  • League Season Comparison - Compare scoring average by gross or net score, or by handicap. Report on absolute change and percent change. Great for a "most improved" kind of a contest.

Home Page Dashboard

  • New Widget - Stroke Play Results. Show the gross score, handicap, and net score of the last round played
  • Allow a zip code, postal code, and/or city to be entered for the Weather Widget

New Settings for 2022

New Features for 2021

Image Gallery/Document Library

This optional upgrade allows the league administrators to upload photos for their league and organize them into albums. Along with the image gallery, comes the Document Library which allows league administrators to upload documents pertaining to your league for safe keeping, or to share with your league players.

New Point Engine

The points engine was rewritten from the ground-up for 2021 which opens up several new features:

  • Live Leaderboard Enhancement - allow a running point total as the round is played
  • Live Leaderboard Enhancement - for leagues who use League Groups, display the group name in the leaderboard
  • Save and record points in one step - Entering scores and points was consolidated into one step where points can automatically be calculated when scores are saved. If your league has special rules or you want to override the points calculated, you can optionally "record points" after entering scores so you can make any manual adjustments as you please.

New Scheduling Functionality

Auto schedule for a single round. This feature allows an administrator to choose a subset of players from the league and have the system automatically set the pairings. Most leagues auto schedule all the players ahead of time before the season begins, but if you have a sign-up sheet and don't know who is playing from week to week, this feature will make scheduling much easier.

Player Score Entry for Handicap Manager Leagues

  • A new setting which allows League Administrators to enable Player Score Entry for handicap leagues. After scores are entered, the league administrator then "confirms" or "deletes" the score.
  • The ability for the league administrator to add scores for all players for a single date, rather than one by one

New Reports

  • Standard League Manager - Win/Loss/Tie Weekly Report. This report compares a player/team score vs all other players/teams for the week, and calculate a WLT for each. You can run a net or gross skin report, and show the WLT in 3 different formats: WLT, Points (1 pt for a win, 1/2 pt for a tie), or a Win %.
  • Handicap Manager League - Scoring average by player
  • Handicap Manager League - Scoring average over time by player

New League Dashboard Widgets

  • League Contacts widget allows the display of the league officers on the home page dashboard
  • Document Library Widget - With the optional Image Gallery/Document Library upgrade, this widget allows you to display a list of uploaded documents on the home page dashboard

Misc Improvements

  • For Handicap Manager Leagues and for historical scores, an administrator can choose the course and tee box the player played when entering scores, or enter a custom slope/rating/par for the score entered.
  • The ability to change team assignments and/or schedule after scores were entered for that round. Previously once scores were entered for a given round, the team/player assigment and schedule was locked in. This change makes it much easier to add players after the fact to the system.
  • When setting up an individual player league, the league setup was improved to allow the auto assignment of the player numbers.

Rewrite of all Legacy Code

Legacy Classic ASP code was rewritten to use c#/mvc for a consolidated platform, improving performance and reliability for the user.

New Settings for 2021

New Features for 2020

Automated Renewal for Multiple Leagues

For those of you who run multiple leagues, Golf League Tracker now automates the renewal process for you. Copy all of your leagues at once to the new year, and purchase all leagues at once with your multi-league discount.

Custom Tee Times for Specific Rounds

You can now add custom tee times for specific rounds. For example, let's say you normally play at 4:00pm start with 9 minute tee times, but on your 12th round of the season, the course has an outing, and would like you to go off at 4:30pm instead. You can now set those tee times which only affect the 12th round.

Switch Seasons with a Click

If you want to see previous season, you now only have to go up to the "Menu" in the upper right and click "Switch Season" and choose which previous season you'd like to see. The page will refresh (keeping you on the same page) and you'll be switched automatically. No more logging out and back in to switch.

Live Scoring Improvements and Additions

You can now view a live scoring leaderboard with either a summary or detailed (hole by hole) view. "Favorite" the players you want so they appear at the top of the leaderboard.

New and Improved Settings Screen for Hole Stroke Limits

A new settings screen has been created solely to setting Hole Stroke Limits which makes it more intuitive and fool-proof to get your settings right.

New Settings for 2020

New Features for 2019

Customizable Home Page Dashboard

As league administrator, you'll be able to now customize your home page with the info you want! Select from an ever growing library of "widgets" to place on 1 of 9 home page layouts of your choosing. Look for more widgets to be developed as time goes on, and if you have a request, feel free to contact support with your idea.

Widget List as of 1/24/2019:

  • Contest Winners
  • Current Weather
  • Discussion Forum
  • Internet Links
  • League News
  • Player Image Rotator
  • Player List
  • Player Score Chart
  • Point Standings
  • Round Summary
  • Schedule
  • W-L-T Standings

Enhanced Scheduling for Multiple Groups and Split Tee Times

  • If your league uses League Groups (aka, divisions or flights), you can now set the schedule so that players play within their group, or outside of their group.
  • Added ability to schedule round for only a single League Groups. This enables you to do things such as split tee times, where one group plays on one side of the course and the other group plays on the other side of the course at the same time.
  • If your league uses "Split tee times", which is where you have half your league go off the front, and the other half go off the back, the auto scheduler has been enhanced to automatically set the schedule.
  • You can now choose how to schedule each round when using the auto scheduler: Set the schedule, skip the round (For position rounds), or leave the schedule as is for that round.

Export Any Report

The export feature has been moved to the upper right of any report or grid, and rewritten so that any report can be exported. The can then be exported to CSV or copied to your computer's clipboard in raw format.

Handicap History Report

Chart how a player's handicap has changed over time

Player or Team Head to Head Report

If you're an individual league, you can see the results of a specific player vs another player over time, across seasons.

If you're a team league, you can see the results of a specific team number vs another team number of time. Note that the members of that team may have changed over time.

Scorecard Hole Highlight for Shotgun Starts

When setting up your tee times, you can choose a starting hole if you're a shotgun start. This new feature will highlight the starting hole for the player by putting a pale background color on the scorecard when you print it.

New Settings for 2019

New Features for 2018

  • Multiple tee box support. You can now create multiple tee boxes for your courses, assign players to them and calculate handicaps based on the difficult of the tee box you enter.
  • New Stroke Play format: Set up a point system to automatically award points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., either by an absolute point system, or a percentage based payout.
  • Complete rewrite of the sub request functionality. A sub request is now tied to a date rather than a round number, which eliminates scheduling problems when a rainout occurs.
  • Subs who have reserved a player's spot are automatically pre-selected when entering scores.
  • Several new settings to customize sub request e-mails and who receives them.
  • A new updated e-mail server, which allows e-mails to be queued. This means you don't have to wait for e-mails to be sent, resulting for a near immediate response when requesting subs or sending e-mails to your players.
  • Another new update to the server infrastructure for a faster user experience and higher up-time availability.
  • Several new settings which allow you to customize your display for various screens.

New Settings for 2018

New Features for 2017

Internal Conversion to MVC

Major project of converting old code from Classic ASP to MVC.Net to improve performance and scalability for the user.

Flat Skins Pot

Enable skins to use a flat pot rather than a dollar amount per player. This way the pot is the same each week regardless of how many players are playing.

League Group Filter

Adding league group filtering to several reports

New Reports

  • Team best ball stroke play report
  • Season long point summary

Settings Enhancements

Changed how settings are added and edited to allow all settings to be changed by the league administrator. This allows for faster development of new settings.

Sub Request Rewrite

Rewrite of the sub request functionality to improve stability and performance.

New Features for 2016

Edit Scorecard

Allow editing of scorecards rather than requiring delete/readd.

New Themes

Added the "theme" option for a user to choose their color theme from the menu.

Twitter Bootstrap Framework

Converted styling over to twitter bootstrap for consistent styling from page to page and from device to device.

Scheduling Options

Allow add/remove rounds and reording of matches


Creation of the first GLT Web API to allow more processing from the client than the server to allow faster response time to the user

New Features for 2015

Player Dashboard

Creation of a player dashboard for the home page which allows you to view a player's score history and scoring percentages at a glance.


Carry over skins pot option. In the event of skins not being won, you have the option to carry over the skins amount the next week.

New Settings for 2015

Initial Settings List