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Golf League Tracker Features - Golf League Manager

Golf League Tracker is complete web based league management solution, no software which you need to install. You can use Golf League Tracker in two modes:

For a detailed list of all configurable settings, check out the complete settings list.

Full Golf League Management

System Overview
  • Individual player or 2-player teams
  • Up to 100 regular* players, with unlimited number of subs
  • A single year, up to 30 rounds* of league play, broken into as many as 4 segments
  • Optional upgrade package to double the number of rounds and players
  • Unlimited number of courses
  • Automatic handicap and point calculation
  • Customizable Home Page Dashboard
  • Multiple tee box support
  • Optional live scoring and leaderboard through the mobile website
  • Break your league into divisions, aka "League Groups"
  • 9 or 18 hole leagues
  • Built-in sub request functionality
  • Dozens of statistical reports
  • Track league contests such as long drive and closest to pin
  • Optimized for mobile and tablet displays
For the League Administrator
  • Greatly minimize the time to manage your golf league.
  • Dozens of configurable options for scoring and handicap calculation.
  • Sub-request function makes it easy to reserve subs.
  • Create a full league schedule with just a click of a mouse.
  • Keep track of payments for league dues by your players.
  • Automatic calculation of net and gross skins.
  • Automatic calculation of handicaps and points.
  • Print weekly scorecard with player/sub information and stroke holes.
  • Send e-mails to all regular and/or substitute players.
  • E-mail log of the last 7 days, or upgrade for unlimited logging.
For the Player
  • Analyze your scoring statistics and history down to a hole by hole comparison, and from year to year.
  • Easily request a sub through the website. Reservation is completely automated
  • Online charting of your scores helps you develop a trend for your game.
  • Compare yourself to other players on your league.
  • View charts of your handicap and birdie/par/bogey/other ratios.
  • View your league contest winnings.
  • View and print your schedule for easy reference.
  • Mobile web accessible, and available android application.
Sub Request Functionality
  • Allow a player to make a sub request, and subs are e-mailed the request
  • Allow an administrator to manually reserve a sub for a scheduled player
  • Sub's name and handicap will automatically appear on the printed scorecard
  • Sub will automatically be selected for the player when entering scores
Handicap Options
  • For new leagues, enter historical scores that were played previous to your Golf League Tracker subscription to use for handicapping
  • Limit how much a player's handicap can change by setting hole and total score limits when calculating handicaps
  • Limit the number of strokes given in a match
  • Limit how many strokes a player can receive on par 3s
  • Choose how many rounds to include in the handicap calculation
  • Configure the handicap percentage to use
  • ...and much more!
Scoring Options
  • Match Play Scoring: Points per hole, points per match, and points per team match. The match points can be determined by total net score, or by total points of the holes.
  • Stableford Scoring: Customizable points for each hole, points per match, and points per team match. The match points can be determined by total net score, or by total stableford score.
  • Best ball (low score of the teammates)
  • Team totals - Add together the scores from each team member
  • High/low of each teammate.
  • Stroke Play - Award points based on position finished in the round for both net and gross totals
  • For team play, both player's points are added together for a team total
  • Ability to set limits for absent players and substitutes
  • Ability to override the system calculated points for any special league rules (e.g. points for closest to the pin contest).
  • You can combine any of the scoring options for your league
Skins Calcuation
  • Handles both gross and net skins. A player can enter either one, or both, or none at all
  • A different dollar amount can be set for gross and net skins, or optionally set a fix amount for each weekly pot.
  • Net Skin options include: Disallow strokes on par 3s, using half strokes of handicap, limit handicap amount for a player, and using a percentage of the player's handicap
  • If you use League Groups, you can choose to have all players play in the same skins game, or break up into separate games for each group.
Complete List of Reports
  • League standings: Display standings in order of points for each player or team
  • Detailed points score sheet: Display a scorecard with all of the points calculated
  • Win-Loss-Tie Standing: For match play leagues, display a player's w/l/t results
  • Individual Stroke Play Results by Round: View each player's hole by hole score for a single round.
  • Individual Stroke Play Results - Full Season: View all players and their score for each round
  • Point Results - Full Season: Break out points for your rounds in a varity of ways.
  • Team Stroke Play Results By Round: View each team's gross and net scores for a single round
  • Team Point Summary: For team leagues, only show the the "team points" won

Individual Player Stats
  • Hole by Hole Scoring History: View a single player's complete scoring history and averages
  • Scoring History Summary: View a summary of a player's score history for each round
  • Scoring Average By Year: View a player's scoring average of each hole by year
  • Opponent Scoring History: View an opponent's scoring history
  • Player Head To Head: If an individual player league, you can see the results of head to head matches over time

Team Stats
  • Team Head to Head: If a team league, you can see the results of head to head matches of team number vs team number, regardless of the members of that team, over time.
League Statistics
  • Scoring Averages: View each player's scoring average per hole with bird/par/bogey totals
  • Season Long Point Summary: View each player/team points per round in a single grid.
  • Player Best Ball for Season: Show each player's best score (i.e. Best Ball) for each hole for the season
  • Team Best Ball for Season: Show each team's best score or each hole for the season
  • League Player Summary: League summary by player or team to show low score, low average, most par/bird/eagles
  • Course Statistics: Show the course hole average score and rank in difficulty

  • Player Handicap History: Display handicap for a player over time
  • Player Course Handicaps: Calculate player course handicaps for a given course and assigned tee box
  • Player Course Handicap Matrix: Display player course hanidcaps for all courses and tee boxes entered

League Contests
  • Contest Winners Details: Display winners of each contest for each round
  • Contest Winners Summary: Display money totals for all contest winners
  • Skins Summary: Display a summary of skins winners for the season