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Golf League Tracker Features

Golf League Tracker is completely web based league management solution, so there's no software you need to install.  This means you can access Golf League Tracker anywhere you have a connection to the internet. Below is a highlight of the features available. For a more detailed list of all configurable settings, check out the complete settings list.

System Overview
  • Individual player or 2-player teams
  • Up to 100 regular players, with unlimited number of subs (contact support to discuss expanding beyond 100 regular players)
  • Up to 30 rounds of league play, broken into as many as 4 segments (contact support to discuss expanding beyond 30 rounds)
  • Unlimited number of courses
  • Automatic handicap and point calculation
  • Customizable Home Page Dashboard
  • Multiple tee box support
  • Optional live scoring and leaderboard through the mobile website
  • Break your league into divisions, aka "League Groups"
  • 9 or 18 hole leagues
  • Built-in sub request functionality
  • Dozens of statistical reports
  • Track league contests such as long drive and closest to pin
  • Optimized for mobile and tablet displays
For the League Administrator
  • Greatly minimize the time to manage your golf league.
  • Dozens of configurable options for scoring and handicap calculation.
  • Sub-request function makes it easy to reserve subs.
  • Create a full league schedule with just a click of a mouse.
  • Keep track of payments for league dues by your players.
  • Automatic calculation of net and gross skins.
  • Automatic calculation of handicaps and points.
  • Print weekly scorecard with player/sub information and stroke holes.
  • Send e-mails to all regular and/or substitute players.
For the Player
  • Analyze your scoring statistics and history down to a hole by hole comparison, and from year to year.
  • Easily request a sub through the website. Reservation is completely automated
  • Online charting of your scores helps you develop a trend for your game.
  • Compare yourself to other players on your league.
  • View charts of your handicap and birdie/par/bogey/other ratios.
  • View your league contest winnings.
  • View and print your schedule for easy reference.
  • Mobile web accessible, and available android application.
Sub Request Functionality
  • Allow a player to make a sub request, and subs are e-mailed the request
  • Allow an administrator to manually reserve a sub for a scheduled player
  • Sub's name and handicap will automatically appear on the printed scorecard
  • Sub will automatically be selected for the player when entering scores
Handicap Options
  • For new leagues, enter historical scores that were played previous to your Golf League Tracker subscription to use for handicapping
  • Limit how much a player's handicap might change with Equiable Stroke Control and other limiting values
  • Limit the number of strokes given in a match
  • Limit how many strokes a player can receive on par 3s
  • Choose how many rounds to include in the handicap calculation
  • Configure the handicap percentage to use
  • Use par or the course slope/rating in the handicap calculation
  • ...and much more!
Scoring Options
  • Match Play Scoring: Points per hole, points per match, and points per team match. The match points can be determined by total net score, or by total points of the holes.
  • Stableford Scoring: Customizable points for each hole, points per match, and points per team match. The match points can be determined by total net score, or by total stableford score.
  • Best ball (low score of the teammates)
  • Team totals - Add together the scores from each team member
  • High/low of each teammate.
  • Stroke Play - Award points based on position finished in the round for both net and gross totals
  • For team play, both player's points are added together for a team total
  • Ability to set limits for absent players and substitutes
  • Ability to override the system calculated points for any special league rules (e.g. points for closest to the pin contest).
  • You can combine any of the scoring options for your league
Skins Calcuation
  • Handles both gross and net skins. A player can enter either one, or both, or none at all
  • A different dollar amount can be set for gross and net skins, or optionally set a fix amount for each weekly pot.
  • Net Skin options include: Disallow strokes on par 3s, using half strokes of handicap, limit handicap amount for a player, and using a percentage of the player's handicap
  • If you use League Groups, you can choose to have all players play in the same skins game, or break up into separate games for each group.
Complete List of Reports
  • League standings: Display standings in order of points for each player or team
  • Detailed points score sheet: Display a scorecards with all of the points calculated
  • Win-Loss-Tie Standing: For match play leagues, display a player's w/l/t results
  • Individual Stroke Play Results by Round: View each player's hole by hole score for a single round.
  • Individual Stroke Play Results - Full Season: View all players and their score for each round
  • Point Results - Full Season: Break out points for your rounds in a varity of ways.
  • Team Stroke Play Results By Round: View each team's gross and net scores for a single round
  • Team Point Summary: For team leagues, only show the the "team points" won
Individual Player Stats
  • Hole by Hole Scoring History: View a single player's complete scoring history and averages
  • Scoring History Summary: View a summary of a player's score history for each round
  • Scoring Average By Year: View a player's scoring average of each hole by year
  • Opponent Scoring History: View an opponent's scoring history
  • Handicap History: View a player's handicap history over time
  • Player Head To Head: If an individual player league, you can see the results of head to head matches over time
Team Stats
  • Team Head to Head: If a team league, you can see the results of head to head matches of team number vs team number, regardless of the members of that team, over time.
League Contests
  • Contest Winners: Display winners of all contests
  • Skins Summary: Display a summary of skins winners for the season
League Statistics
  • Scoring Averages: View each player's scoring average per hole with bird/par/bogey totals
  • Season Long Point Summary: View each player/team points per round in a single grid.
  • Player Best Ball for Season: Show each player's best score (i.e. Best Ball) for each hole for the season
  • Team Best Ball for Season: Show each team's best score or each hole for the season
  • League Player Summary: League summary by player or team to show low score, low average, most par/bird/eagles
  • Course Statistics: Show the course hole average score and rank in difficulty