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I know how tedious it is to create golf league schedules. Trying to get it so that you don't have any repeat match-ups is a major pain! So let Golf League Tracker do it for you. My automated system will create a schedule with unique match-ups for you in a just a few seconds, at a flat rate of just $20 per schedule.

Need Software to Run Your League?

Don't forget, Golf League Tracker is a full service provider of software to help you run your golf league. From scheduling (included with Golf League Tracker), handicaps, points, standings, and a ton of reports, we're a one stop shop for your golf league needs. Sign up today for free to try Golf League Tracker for the first four rounds of your league with no obligation.

About the Schedule Created

Schedules have a flat fee of just $20.  The type of schedule that we create is a single match-up type, where Player (or team) 1 is matched against Player (or team) 2.

Foursomes are NOT uniquely created in the case of individual players, and it's up to you to group them together.  Obviously 2 man teams will be matched against another 2 man team, thus a foursome is automatically created in that case.  Tee times are randomly assigned.  If you use the Golf League Tracker website, you can request earlier or later tee times for specific players.

In the case of odd numbered teams or players, we will add 1 to that number, and each round someone will be matched with a "bye" or "ghost" team.  How you want to handle the bye in your league is up to you.

Order a Schedule

Let Golf League Tracker take the misery out of creating a unique league schedule.  We know how hard it is to create match-ups week after week so that your players play everyone equally.  We've developed a custom algorithm which we can create a schedule for any number of players and any number of rounds.

Please note that there are no refunds once you are e-mailed the schedule.  View the sample schedule above to make sure it fills your needs and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Need Something Else?

Contact Support and describe what you're looking for and I'll let you know if we can help you out. It doesn't hurt to ask!