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Golf League Tracker Tools

Golf League Tracker offers a number of tools for your one off tournaments and outings which don't require a subscription. Remember, Golf League Tracker is a full fledged system for keeping track of many of these formats below, including skins and Stableford scoring.

Round Drop Calculator

Go to the Round Drop Calculator

This calculator helps you configure your Golf League Tracker handicap settings to emulate how many scores will be dropped from the player's score history based on how many rounds they have, and what percentage of scores you configure to have the system drop. For example, a common configuration is to take the last 6 scores for handicapping, and drop the high 33%. This calculator will show you how many scores the system will drop when the player has fewer than 6 scores.

Online Temperature and Wind Calculator

Go to the Temp and Wind Calculator

This online interactive calculator will give you effective playing distance for wind and temperature adjustments. Just enter a baseline temperature, wind speed, and direction and it will determine how far the shot is actually playing.

Wind Adjustment Excel Worksheet


This excel sheet calculates yardage adjustments for shots from 50 - 250 in 5 yard increments for different wind speeds and directions.

Standard Skins Excel Worksheet


If you're running an outing or one time tournament, you can figure out skins automatically for gross and net scores. Just enter the players, course info, scores, handicaps (if doing net skins) and pot amount and the rest is calculated automatically.

"123" Skins Worksheet


An alternate skins worksheet, this is the game my group plays. Pay out for skins with different amounts if you win with a par, birdie, or eagle skin (typically 1, 2, or $3 for each). Also includes Closest to the Pin computations (we play $2 each).

"5-3-1" 3-Player Game Worksheet


5-3-1 is a 3-player game in which each hole is worth 9 points. The player with the lowest score (net or gross, depending on the format you're playing) is awarded 5 points, the middle score is 3 points, and the highest score is 1 point. Points are split if there's a tie: Two lowest scores tie then each player gets 4 points, and the high player gets 1 point. If the two highest scores tie then each of those players win 2 points each, and the low player wins 5 point. Finally, if all 3 players tie, then each player receives 3 points.

For an 18-hole round there's a total of 162 points available. Typically the game is played for money for a certain amount per point. For a low money game (< $10) make each point worth $0.25.

Callaway Scoring System Excel Worksheet


The Callaway scoring system is great for single round tournaments when you don't have handicaps for your players. Handicaps are determined based on the scores the player shoots that day, and a number of "worst holes" are dropped from the total. This kind of system rewards the player who is the most consistent. More info can be found online, but here a good source of information.

Stableford Scoring Excel Worksheet


Stableford allows you to award points for the score a player made relative to par. This worksheet is great for those one-off touraments to quickly and automatically determine totals.