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2019 Survey Results

Thank you to the league administrators who participated in the 2019 League Administrator Survey.  The following are the ratings and Q&A of the responses.

If you have further questions which haven't been covered, please don't hesitate to contact Technical Support and I'd be happy to answer your questions!

Golf League Tracker General Rating

Golf League Tracker Technical Support Rating

New Feature Requests

The following were some of the new feature requests and comments.  Some of these requests are already in the system, so I'd like to respond to each one which may apply to more than one league.

On the home page I would like to see what hole the players won on skins and pins just like it shows under contest winners.

The home page widget is configurable to display this.  When setting up the home page layout, click on the "gear" icon in the upper left of the contest widget, and the option to show the hole numbers is available.

The ability to select which tee box or boxes to appear on the scorecard

The system will automatically display whatever tee boxes are entered for your course when you set your course up.  If you entered tee boxes which aren't used for your league, I would recommend deleting them from your particular course so they aren't dis

Options on configuring the score card

Currently, there are 11 different options on configuring your score card such as changing the style of the stroke marker, hiding player info, handicap info, tee box info, the points row, the skins information, the flight info, and printing in either color or black and white.  Please e-mail tech support with specific options which you'd like to see.

More scorecard customization/resizing. They print way too big.

The size of the printing is completely dependent upon your browser.  To change the size of the text, alter the "scaling" option when you Print Preview in your browser.  If you want the width of the scorecard to change, then set your page margins to something larget.  The scorecards will print to whatever width you have set for your page setup

I create a PDF for my sublist. For me to create a PDF of JUST THE SUBSTITUTES, I have to "export" the subs to an Excel Spreadsheet file, then create the PDF from the Excel spreadsheet

You can save yourself a step by just printing the sub list from Excel, no need to create a PDF.

Configuration of the league, without technical help, was a little difficult to understand, There are a lot of options to choose from, and the descriptions were confusing on some of them.

I definitely try to make the setting descriptions as clear as possible, but I'm happy to receive feedback on what was confusing. Yes, there are a lot of options!  Every league likes to run things in a specific way, which is why Golf League Tracker now has over 200 configurable settings.

Also be sure to see my YouTube Demo Videos and online help for further website support.

IPhone App

At this time there is no plan for an iPhone App.  To keep costs down, I focus on the mobile website developer which means you can use your iPhone's browser (and android) to log into the site and access all of the features.

Easier way to see points taken for the week

You can see points in the League Standings, Detailed Points Scoresheet, Win/Loss/Tie Standings, Stroke Play Points By Round, Stroke Play Points Full Season, Season Long Point Summary and in various individual player reports.  If you have a suggestion on another way to display points, please contact tech support with your ideas!

A feature to keep track of a player's dues and greens fees?

That feature already exists!   Under the "League Info" section in Administration, see the "Player Payment Information" link.  There are several categories of payments which you can track.

Is there a way to show a money list total that includes all contest and skins combined?

Absolutely.  Go to "Stats", and "Contest Winners".   Skins are automatically combined with any custom contests which you have set up.

Better support for leagues with more than one division. We play 2 courses simultaneously each week, and there are a few aspects of the site which don't seem to fully support playing 2 separate courses each week (e.g. the Live Leaderboard only shows one round and not both)

True, Golf League Tracker isn't really designed for that kind of setup.  If you play both rounds on the same day, the live scoring can be enabled for the round on that specific day.  Please contact tech support so I can look at your individual case.

I would like to be able to sort on the home page and be able to save the sort. 

This feature has now been enabled.  The sorts for each report are saved on a per browser case (meaning if you change browsers or computers, each one will be saved separately)

The league settings seem a little hard to navigate. Wish they were categories in sub groups: ex: handicap, skins, team, individual etc...

There are categories for the setting.  At the top of the screen you'll see a "Filter by Category" option.

I would like to see an option where on dates that are rain outs, you can move the makeup to any date on the calendar, not just the end of the season or delete the date.

That option already exists.  When you choose "Move a Round", you can choose to move it to any date or to the end of the round.  If you're having trouble, please contact tech support for individual guidance.

The ability to adjust the weekly schedule.  If wrong player is entered, you can not go back and correct the schedule

You can change the schedule for a given round as long as scores haven't already been entered for that week.  Go to Scheduling and click on "Edit Schedule for a Single Round".  I do plan on looking at giving the ability to edit a schedule for a round and a group if scores for that individual group haven't yet been entered.

Ability for admin to assign a sub after a request has been made

I can look at giving that ability.  For now, you can simply delete the sub request, then go in and manually add the reservation for that player.

The auto tab for entering scores

That already exists!  Click on the "Auto Advance" check box option when entering scores, and your cursor will automatically advance to the next hole.

Change length of half due to rain

You can do that by going to Scheduling, and Add/Remove/Move Rounds.  See the following videos for more information (Add, remove, and reorder scheduled matches) (Setting League Segments)

Add tournament such as an "End of Season" which could be played at a golf course not played during regular season

You can enter multiple golf courses into Golf League Tracker and set your schedule accordingly to be played at that second course.  To enter a new course, simply go to League Setup, Courses.

A better way to manage absent players and uneven teams

You have several options for absent players.  If you have a 2-player team league, you can have the solo player play in place of the absent player.  You can also have the "course" play for the absent player.  Please see this article for more information.  If you have specific suggestions or questions, please contact support.

Ability to keep track of a cash contest pot - similar to how skins $$ pot is tracked

You can do that using the "Custom Contest" section in Golf League Tracker.  Take a look at this video for a short demo.

Also the ability to create a flexible and configurable playoff bracket for teams in your league

While the system won't automatically create a playoff system for you, you can enter your matches into your schedule by going to Scheduling, Edit Schedule for a Single Round.  This isn't automated because every league does their playoffs differently.

Would love a way to have folks pay on the site and keep a rolling tally on winnings from the contest winners page

I have no plans to become a payment provider (there are several certifications and costs in doing so).  I would suggest you set up a PayPal account, where you can create a "money pool" where your players can send you money.  The Contest stat page does have a rolling tally, so if you have some other request, please contact support.

Need to be able to add two e-mail addresses on a player.

You can already do that!  Click the "?" icon next to any field to see some details.  If you type a semi-colon between two address, you can set that for a player.

It would be really good for my league if I could set twosomes instead of foursomes.

That can be done in a couple of ways depending on what you're wanting.  If you just want to print scorecards in two-somes (when playing an individual player league), that's already an option on the Print Scorecards screen.  If you want just 2 players per tee times, please contact support and I can configure that for you.

Photo Gallery Option for League Members to see

You can add photos of individual players in their player profile.  Beyond that, to keep costs down, I have decided not to implement that feature since there are so many free options out there on the internet which you can use and link to from your website.

On homepage leaderboard have most recent round points column and then seasons points column next to it

That option is available in the League Standings widget.

GHIN handicap portal

Unfortunately, the GHIN doesn't open up their API for public use, so I have no way to do that

Sort capability by column on reports especially the main league standing page

All reports except league standings and detailed points scoresheet you can click on a column to sort by.  For League Standings, you can sort by Segment Points or Season points if you have more than 1 segment and you set up your standings to display both columns.  If you have some other request, please contact support for detailed information.

Tie breakers. Would like to be able to set up/configure rules so that when two teams have the same amount of points the program decides what team is in what place, first, second third.

I've contemplated this, and I've discovered there are endless ways leagues handle tie breakers, so I leave it up as an exercise for the league to decide what works for them.

More than 2-man teams support

While I have work arounds in place for more than 2-man teams, that is not on the immediate roadmap at this time.