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How to Handle Absent Players

Golf League Tracker has a number of ways to handle absent players for your league. Depending on your league type, you have different options detailed below.

Absent Players - Individual Player Leagues

If a player is absent on an Individual Player League, when entering scores you have two options:

  1. Choose a sub from the player drop down
  2. Choose the Course Name from the player drop down

Team Leagues

If a player is absent on a 2-Player Team List, when entering scores you have three options:

  1. Choose a sub for the player
  2. Choose "Absent -Teammate will play against opponent" and his teammate's score and handicap will be used in place of that player and the solo player's score will be used twice, as if the player's identical twin is his partner with the same handicap and the same score each hole. If one player on each team is absent and you choose this option, both remaining players will play against each other for double the points.
  3. Choose "Absent: (your course name)" and the course will play in place of the player

The Course Playing for Absent Player - How Does it Work?

The course is simply treated as a real player who is a 0 handicap who makes a par on every hole. To offset the "consistency" of the course, you can set the handicap of the course to something better than 0 by changing the setting called "Absent Player Penalty Strokes". This setting makes the course have a negative handicap of whatever value you set, which effectively makes it so the course is shooting that number of shots over its handicap.

For example, if you were playing match play, and a player with a 5 handicap is playing against the course, and Absent Player Penalty Strokes are set to 2, the Course Plays as a -2 handicap. This means the player will receive 7 strokes because the difference of his handicap and the course handicap is 7 strokes (5 minus -2 = 7). This player will get 1 shot on the 7 hardest holes. The net score for the course will also be Par minus the Course Handicap.

Points When Playing Against the Course

For points, the absent player will receive whatever points "the course" wins... or in other words, whatever points the real player didn't win.

Settings Which Affect Absent/Sub Players

There are a number of settings which are configurable under the Absent Players and Subs setting category which affect how points are calculated for absent players and subs.  You can set things like minimum and maximum points, and penalty strokes for the absent player. 

If you are the league administrator, you can see and change those settings by clicking here and logging in as admin.

Forfeits and Points

If a team forfeits, how you handle that is up to you. Most treat the team who forfeitted as you would any other team who was absent as described above. If you have special rules specifically for forfeits, when you "Record Points" you can override the points the system calculates and enter whatever you like to match your league rules.

Random Draws

Some leagues decide to have a random player play for absent players. To do this in Golf League Tracker, create a sub which will be your placeholder for the random player. Then, choose your random player using whatever method you use for your league. When you enter scores, enter the score for the absent player using the sub you created, and click the "Edit Handicap" button so that you can manually set the handicap for the sub.

I don't recommend using random players because it's best if players know what their opponents are shooting.

"Ghost" Players or Teams

Some leagues have an odd number of players or teams, which requires them to have a "ghost". A Ghost player or team is treated just like a real player or team who is absent for that round, and you will follow the same procedure when entering scores.

What Do Most Leagues Do for Absent Players?

In individual player leagues, most leagues give the player 2 extra strokes over their handicap.

In team leagues, most leagues have the solo player play both opponents and only use the course when two players on a team are absent.