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Odd Number of Players or Teams

Often leagues will end up with an odd number of players or teams. How do you set that up? Golf League Tracker requires that an even number of players be set (if an individual player league) or an even number of teams if a team league.

Individual Player Leagues

When setting up the player count in your league settings, the system will give you an error if you enter an odd number. To fix this, increase the player count by 1, and enter a "ghost" player in your player list to take this final spot.

2-Player Team Leagues

To accomplish this you need to create two ghost players, and assign them to a single team.

How to Score It

Most leagues treat a ghost player or team just like a real team who is absent for the week.  Take a look at this help article on how to enter scores for absent players or teams here. Other leagues give the attending player or team a "bye" week (meaning they don't play) and get 0 points. This format only works if everybody has the same number of bye weeks for the season. It's not fair if some players has 2 byes and others have just 1.