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Technical Specifications

Hosting Platform

Golf League Tracker is hosted by the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. It is written in C# . Net, and has a Microsoft SQL Server Database back end.

Is My Data Backed Up?

Golf League Tracker data is backed up for disaster recovery purposes ONLY. Meaning if a meteor came in and wiped out the Microsoft Data Center it's running in, the database can be restored to a new data center at a different location. It is not backed up for purposes of fixing mistakes made by league administrators, such as accidentally clearing out scores.

I cannot recover individual league data which was accidentally deleted or changed by league administrators.

Are Updates Done to the System?

Yes, Golf League Tracker is routinely updated to add functionality and fix bugs. You can see the details of these enhancements and fixes in the Product Release Notes, which get updated with each new release of the software.

Updates are usually done on weekend mornings (7am-ish) and usually don't last more than 15 minutes. During that time you might not be able to log in, or you'll get automatically logged out when the update begins.

In addition, as the season for golf leagues ramp up (usually April through Sept), the hardware service level is increased at Microsoft which increases the performance of the website to handle the additional user load.

Is There Anything I Need to do to Update My System?

No. Since Golf League Tracker is a website, the software runs in the cloud, and not on your computer, there's nothing you need to do.