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Round Drop Calculator

How to Use

This calculator displays how many rounds are dropped when setting up your league's handicapping settings based on a percentage of rounds to drop. This is typically done using Golf League Tracker Setting #40 "Number of High Rounds to Throw Out". This is done by configuring this setting to a negative value. For example, if set to "-33", then it will drop 33% of the high rounds.

Why use a percentage? A percentage works great for players who have fewer than a full score history. For example, if you have your league set up to take the most recent 6 rounds, and tell the system to drop the high 2 rounds, it will only drop the high 2 rounds once a player has at least 6 rounds in their score history. By setting it to a percentage, the "drop" rule will be applied immediately with the percentage entered.

Tip: You can control how many scores drop when a player has an odd number of scores by tweaking the percentage slightly.