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About the Free Trial

Standard Leagues

You will be able to use Golf League Tracker for the first 4 rounds of your Golf League with no obligation.  To continue using Golf League Tracker after the 4-round trial period, the cost is only $119* for your season. (* limitations apply. See the pricing page for detailed pricing.)

Your 4-round trial is *not* date sensitive. So if your league starts in April or May, you can sign up in January and still be in the trial when your league starts. Many customers sign up, set their league up, then enter fake/test scores to play around with the system so they get familiar with it. We can then reset your test scores if necessary by request before your actual league begins.

Handicap Manager Leagues

Hanidcap Manager League trial allows you to enter up to 10 scores per player. To enter more than 10 scores, the season must be purchased.

Multi-League Discount

If you run more than 1 league during the year, we do have multi-league discount pricing available. Please see the pricing page for more information.

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