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Starting a New Season / Ending Your Current Season

Ending Your Current Season

There's nothing special you have to do to end your current season. Simply stop entering scores. As a paid user, your data is retained for subsequent seasons, and you can view your previous results by going to the "MENU" item in the upper right, and choosing "Switch Seasons".

Starting a New Season

Golf League Tracker has an automated renewal process which is based on the account type that you have, and the current date.

League Manager

With the standard Golf League Manager product, you will be prompted to copy your league to the next season when all three items are true:

  1. You log in as administrator
  2. It's 30 days after your last scheduled date
  3. and it's after November 1st of the previous season (e.g. if your last season was 2022, it has to be November 1st, 2022 or later).

If you would like your league copied before the automated prompt, please contact support with your request.

Your league will then be in the 4-round trial mode and you will be able to enter the first 4 rounds of league play before purchasing. You will then be required to purchase the season if you wish to continue using the product for the remainder of the season.

Handicap Manager

The handicap manager renews on the calendar year. When the calendar turns to January 1st, the next time you log in as administrator, you will be prompted to copy your league over to the new season. There is no trial period for handicap manager renewals. You will be required to purchase the season in order to be able to enter additional scores for the year.