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Entering Scores for a Random Player or Team

If your league rules state that when a player (in an individual player league) or team (in a 2-person team league) is absent, that a random player/team's score will be used for them, do the following:

  • First, insure that you have 1 or 2 "ghost" subs entered into your sub list. For a 2-person team league, you need two of those subs. You don't need to add this each time, just once will do. You can name them whatever you like (e.g. Ghost One, Ghost Two, Tiger Wood, etc).
  • Choose your random team with whatever mechanism you league deems appropriate. Golf League Tracker will not automatically choose a random team
  • Click on Weekly Admin -> Enter Scores and Points screen like you normally would and begin entering scores for the scorecard in question.
  • For the absent players, choose the "ghost" sub(s) that you added to play for the missing player(s).
  • Enter scores for the ghost player(s) using the scores of the random player/team that you drew.
  • Click the "Edit Handicap" checkbox on the scorecard entry screen, and Golf League Tracker will allow you to change the handicap of the ghost player(s) to whatever the handicap of the random player(s) are.