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2023 Survey Results

Thank you to the league administrators who participated in the 2023 League Administrator Survey.  There were 270 total responses. The following are the ratings and Q&A of the responses.

If you have further questions which haven't been covered, please don't hesitate to contact Technical Support and I'd be happy to answer your questions! If you're stuck on something and don't tell me, I have no way of knowing that you need help!

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being most likely), how likely are you to recommend Golf League Tracker to a friend?

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being best), How would you rate the various aspects of Golf League Tracker?


Comments and Questions

I received hundreds of requests and comments. Some of these features already exist, some don't. Many respondents didn't leave e-mail addresses, so I have no way to know who requested what in those instances. I've tried to group these questions into their respective categories below:

League Setup


From two different users:

  • Too many bells and whistles for our needs. Wish there was a less expensive, more basic version.
  • Not as flexible as I would like

I've tried to reach a balance between the two. Even a more "basic version" (I'm not sure what that would entail?) has infrastructure, support, and maintenance associated with it, and the most basic features will still require the League setup and score entry/maintenance along with points/settings. That is the bulk of the application.

Re Flexibility: As of this writing (Sept 2023), Golf League Tracker has 259 settings which can be configured for your league. Please contact support for your specific requirements, as often the feature already exists.

Eliminate the head count in settings! Whether we pay for a hundred or more. - we know. We have to have the exact head count in setting up league is inconvenient

A head count is required in the system to insure the league setup is completed fully, as each player is required to have a player number assigned. This player number assignment is crucial to how everything ties together, from scheduling to standings. It's how a player is identified in the system. It also is required to determine what pricing level your league belongs to (i.e. <=100 or > 100).


Would like to be able to switch match up prior to playing to accommodate HDCP difference from different tees to match up A/B players by their HDCP....you can currently do this after entering points and scores....by doing so the scorecard would not confuse players......I know the A/B is currently based on HDCP index.

The correct measure of an A or B player is based on HDCP index and not course handicap. Think of it this way: It is possible for a player who is a 0 index and a player who is a 5 index have course handicaps of the exact reverse, 5 and 0. I think we'd be in agreement that the 0 index player is the better player. Handicap index is an objective measure of a player's ability.

The only thing I didn't think worked very wall was the auto set up of matches. When I did that in the beginning I just re-did it by hand because the same people were playing at about the same time & they played the same people multiple times. maybe I did something wrong to set it up (which is totally possible!!) but thats the only thing i didn't like.

Please contact support with your league information and details. The auto scheduler will always optimize scheduling so that you play against each of your opponents just once before the schedule repeats. For individual player leagues, you may end up playing with the same people an uneven number of times depending on how your Tee Time priority is set for each player.

An easier way to build a schedule and be able to view the whole schedule for the league, not just current week. Plus build schedules that we can choose 2 of the 3 courses we use each week. So they have 3 nine hole course, each week we play on 2 of them.

There are many ways to create a schedule, the most common way is to use the Auto Scheduler at the start of the year, which will generate your schedule for the whole season. You can choose whatever course/side you want when generating the schedule. As far as viewing the schedule, you simply choose "All Dates" on the Schedule page rather than a specific week to view the whole season.

Set the league schedule so every team would have the same amount of tee times 20 team league would have 2 tee times of every slot except 1

Use the "balanced" option when using the Auto Scheduler will spread out tee times so that everybody averages out to the same starting tee time. For example, if you have 7 groups, the "average" starting group would be 4 (assuming the "Tee time priority is not set for your teams). As a league administrator, you can go to the League Setup -> Scheduling section and run the "Average Starting Group Report" to viewyour current average for each player/team.


At year end we have playoffs; are there ways to setup and scoring for a playoff bracket? (i currently manually enter rounds for just the playoff teams which isn't too hard)

See this on how to set up playoffs



For make-up weeks, you need to have a way to only count one of the scores towards a handicap, yet have the values be used in determine the weekly outcome.

When entering scores, you can choose whether or not you want the score to count towards handicapping with the "HDCP" checkbox column. By default this is checked, but you can uncheck it if you don't want the score to be included in the handicap calculation

Can not track individual 9 hole scores for handicap - front handicap/back handicap

A golf handicap for a player is universal. If you signed up for a USGA handicap, for example, you would only have one handicap even if you played 20 different courses throughout the season. That handicap is then adjusted for the course, tee, and side you're playing. The same goes for Golf League Tracker. The benefits of doing it this way are numerous: One, you don't need as many scores on each side to establish or calculate a handicap. Two, your handicap is portable. If you change the course you're playing, or a player moves up a tee box, that all is taken into account. Three, a single handicap is an objective measure for player comparison.

The ability to post an exception score which would adjust someone's HCP

I'm not sure exactly what this means, but you can post scores to the Historical Scores section for a player which only affects handicapping.

A recognized handicap by GHIN!

Becoming an official GHIN partner is a large added cost, and beyond the scope and pricing of Golf League Tracker.

Image Gallery

Anyway to make image upload, captioning, would be great.

The Image Gallery add-on allows leagues to upload images, group them into albums and caption them. 


The individual points weren't accurate to individual match totals. The site was deducting 1/4 points for some reason

Please contact support for help with your league's point settings. All points are calculated based on your league settings.

It would be AWESOME if we could select what week the lowest points are dropped. Ours is set to drop the lowest points each half currently, it drops after all weeks are completed. I used to do it so after the 4th week of the half it dropped the lowest point week.

Since the setting for the League Standings is to use the "Best 'N' Weeks", it will always take the "Best" weeks rather than the idea of "dropping" a week. So if you play 10 weeks and take the best 9, all rounds will always be included until you enter the 10th week. 

The alternative is to use the report called "Individual Season Long Point Detail". You can tell that report to either "Take the best" rounds, or to "Drop worst rounds" and select how many to take or drop.

This is one of the problems with the idea of only using a subset of rounds to count for your standings, as players never really have an idea of where they stand until all 10 weeks are played.

Non match play

This was a three word response to what feature they'd like to see added with no additional information. Golf League Tracker offers all sorts of scoring options, from stroke play (Fed-Ex Cup Style), Stableford, Best Ball (For team leagues), Team Totals  


From two users

  • The thing I miss most is the ability to track historical scores. We had a guy shoot 36 the other day - wanted to confirm it was the all-time lowest score. I have no way to do that.
  • Improve the ease of getting reports. We wanted what each golfer scored, their scores and average on each course. I tried to get custom report for each golfer, was not too successful.

I will look into adding more historical scoring option across multiple seasons and courses. Note a couple of reports that may be of interest:

  • Hole by Hole Scoring History - This report shows details of each hole for a given player. You can filter by year (or all years), player, and course
  • Scoring History Summary - This shows score total by player along with bird/par, etc count. You can filter by year (or all years), and player.
  • Scoring Average By Year - This shows a player's scoring average for each year.

Improved Tracking of Team Standings. Although we had 7 players on a team this season, we only count the Top 3 (Points) each week and a Year To Date.

This is an outlier use case. In this example, the league has multiple single players on a team, but only a certain number count for standings. If you enter scores for 5 players, all 5 will count. You would have to zero out the points won by the bottom 2 on the team so that they aren't included in totals.


The ability to email individual players

If you click on a player's e-mail address in the player list, your browser will kick off your default e-mail program so you can write an e-mail to that player. I do plan on having a separate drop-down which allows you to choose one or more players when sending e-mails, however.


Trying to get two score cards to print 2-up on an 8.5X11 piece of paper (5.5x8.5 each)

Fitting scorecards onto a page is a matter of setting up your browser's margins and "scale" amount. Take a look at this help video for more information.

More bright colors for scorecards

I've tried to add the more common tee box colors that I've run across at various golf courses, but if you have a color that you think should be added, please contact support.

Add stroke marks for team play

You can choose how strokes are displayed on the scorecard with the "Handicap Type" option when generating your scorecards.

Would like to see the first column deleted from the program. It confuses members as to what hole they are starting on when you have a shotgun start.

I'm assuming the "first column" refers to the printed scorecards? Note that for shotgun starts, you can set starting holes for each group in the League Setup -> Tee Times section. When generating printed scorecards, the system will then display which starting hole the group is on, as well as highlight column for the starting hole (must be printing in color for the highlight to show).

How can I print blank scorecards?

As of this writing, 10/5/2023, you have to generate a scorecard from an existing scheduled week, and then turn off the various options to hide different aspects of the card, like player names, handicaps etc. Toggle the options in the green bar to show/hide different parts of the card.

However, coming in the next month or so is a "Blank Scorecard" generator that you will be able to use without having a week scheduled.

Sub Requests

The ability to add a sub reservation for an open sub request

That feature is now available as of 9/23/2023! You no longer need to delete the open sub request before manually adding a sub reservation

Live Scoring

If the live scoring could assign the starting hole (we are shotgun) based on the name selected that would correct players from entering scores on the wrong starting hole. We tested and did not use the feature for this season.

Live scoring now pre-selects the proper starting hole set in your Tee Times section for the selected players.


  • We have had the program for 2 years. It has saved me at least 2 hours of work weekly. As long as our league players use the substitute program it saves even more time. Tech support has been personable and very helpful. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much
  • Nothing to add. The software is great and Bob is responsive when help is needed!
  • Thanks for quick responses to questions. Easy set up...all went well
  • Love the site and customer service was excellent with quick responses to questions can’t think of anything to add to site basically have it all covered
  • Overall could not be happier with product and as long as I run a league we will be using it. Thank you for your hard work to make this a great product
  • The support is great and this program is much better than the spreadsheet that was used in the past with our league.
  • I love GLT and I've recommended it to several friends who run golf leagues, and will continue to do so.
  • Support has been amazing! The website has tons of functionality and I love how much you can configure and customize. I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface, but looking forward to seeing more for 2nd year of the league.
  • Love the software and it gets better each year. Thanks Bob!
  • Has sped up my time and there are no squabbling over handicaps or points awarded..thanks
  • Been using your system since 2016. It is simply the best I have seen. It is hard to believe how fast you reply to user questions. Great job, Bob!
  • Thank you for all the support you always provide! It is top-notch and greatly appreciated!
  • Myself and my members love golfleaguetracker. They look at the schedule and player list with contact info and they directly contact their opponent. This cuts down on many phone calls or messages to me. I also like your great customer support and quick answers to emails.
  • GLT is a fabulous tool to organize and run a golf league - even if one is not a technical wizard. Plus - if you need assistance, it’s as easy as typing in your question or issue. Responses are quick and help you manage thru whatever the issue may be.
  • Pricing and having statistics available for players so quickly were the two greatest features for us. Initial setup took some time to complete with so many questions depending on answers from other questions, it was a bit confusing at first. Next year should be easier to set up.
  • Your customer support was top notch!! I messed it up pretty badly & you fixed it :) Thanks!
  • I think your product is excellent and very easy to use. Very well thought out.
  • Excellent job with all that you do. I stay with you because of your prompt customer service, excellent product and willingness to improve features.

Thank you for all the kind comments. While one software package cannot please everybody, the I try to balance functionality, ease of use, and configurability, and well as prompt tech support, so that you can play more golf instead of spending time managing your league.

See you in 2024!

--Bob Areddy