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2021 Survey Results

Thank you to the league administrators who participated in the 2021 League Administrator Survey.  There were 274 total responses. The following are the ratings and Q&A of the responses.

If you have further questions which haven't been covered, please don't hestitate to contact Technical Support and I'd be happy to answer your questions!

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being most likely), how likely are you to recommend Golf League Tracker to a friend?

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being best), How would you rate the various aspects of Golf League Tracker?


Comments and Questions

I received dozens of requests and comments. Some of these features already exist, some don't. Many respondents didn't leave e-mail addresses, so I have no way to know who requested what in those instances. I've tried to categorized these questions into their respective categories below:

League Setup


Why don't you have an iPhone App?

I'm a one-man show in running Golf League Tracker, so my time has to be focused on one thing to make it the best possible, which is the website. Since the website is mobile-ready or mobile-optimized, you can use the site on your laptop, tablet, android phone, or iPhone, and it always looks the same and behaves the same from device to device.

League set up is pretty hard when you first start a league especially if you never ran a league. Some set up configurations are confusing with others. Although I find that when I don`t understand I can get needed help, also when I make mistakes. Thank you!

There definitely is a large number of settings, which can make it a bit overwhelming, especially if you've never run a league before, but I'm always an e-mail away!

League not dependent on teams, just individuals.

When you sign up to Golf League Tracker you choose whether your league is a 2-player team, or individual player league. Sounds like you created your league using the wrong options. Contact tech support to switch your league to an individual player league.

Ease of adding an additional admin

Currently there's no need to "add" an admin, as all admins would share the same league ID and password. I've considered the idea of adding individual user logins, but then you get into the complexity of maintaining those IDs, and people forget passwords ALL THE TIME!

We are a 18 hole handicap league, why do I have to build out (yardage, index & par) for all 18 holes? Love the product

While yardage might not be absolutely required for scoring, it certainly insures your players play from the correct tees. Hole handicaps and Par are used for many aspects of scoring and skins, such as determining which holes players get strokes on. You only have to enter your course one time, and that info is carried over from season to season.


Automatically push dates/schedules back a week when there is a rain out

That already exists in the "Manage Rainouts" function

To be able to see all players from 2 different groups in the scheduling but still be able to control B vs B and A vs A which cannot be done automatically today. I have to manually move people around for each week's schedule as our B players never play against our A players. It gets tedious

I'm not sure I can envision what you're trying to do. Please contact Golf League Tracker support for more individual help on this.

I would love the scheduling widget showing the next week's matches for the home page to display names (at least last names) instead of player number

This has been requested a number of times, but in my testing, there just isn't enough room a screen to display this so it's easily readable.

A simple and easy way for switching which team member is playing whom. We use A\B flights, because of vacations and what not we had to print out 2 weeks worth of matchups for the league. Well, because of the scores in the first week (changed handicaps some) when it came to the next week our pre-printed pairings were wrong. No big deal that maybe an A person played a B person. However, trying to make that change in the application was impossible. I ended up having to just enter everyone's score in even if they were matched against someone they didn't play against. Rare that something like this happens but what a plain when it does.

You can make this change when you "record points" by choosing "Swap A/B Matchups". However, you cannot swap when printing scorecards or on the schedule. I don't know how YOU would know what the matchups would be correct for week #2 before week #1 is even played, however, if you're printing both at the same time. Your pre-printed pairings were wrong because player's switched flights after the first week.

Would like to be able to add a team or 2 team, early in the season (week 1 or 2) without having to redo schedule.

You can manually add teams to the schedule, however, if you're playing any kind of best ball or match play format, you MUST redo the schedule, otherwise the two teams you add would be playing against each other in every round.

Make it easier for a nine hole league to play a mid season 18 hole tournament at another golf course.

You can set up 2 9-hole rounds on the same date. However, I wouldn't do this unless these rounds count towards the league standings. See this help video on how to set it up.

Team/Player Configuration

Have several teams where they will be having a permanent sub for remainder of season. Can I just change the team member in set-up. Was in process of doing that and it looked to me that I would have to generate a new schedule.

It's absolutely possible to change a team lineup starting at a given week in the season. Take a look at this video on how to do that.

Id like to be able to permanently delete some people from our rosters. I have run into the issue of having two people with the same names, where one of the people has passed away and I cannot put another person in who happens to have the same name because the first person is still in the archive.

Since Golf League Tracker keeps a full history of each season you purchase, you cannot permamently delete a player once a score is enterer for them. Changing their status to "inactive" is the proper way to "delete" someone. 

Ability to mix players from different teams for one off events such as scrambles.

It is certainly a "nice to have" but the complexity involved programmatically is probably beyond the "bang for the buck" for the site at this time. Since scramble scores for one-off events shouldn't be entered into the system anyway, the only gain in this would be for printing scorecards. There may be a time when I revamp the print scorecard screen and will consider this as a possible option when that time comes.


Would like to see a low net contest built in or add total low net score to net skins contest

The "custom contests" section is designed so you can add whatever contest you like to the system. You can pull up the low net scores by looking in the Stats at the Stroke Play Results - By Round report. I'm not sure I understand your last statement about low net and skins, as they are two completely separate games.

Skins low net score added to pay out

Skins is always a separate game, and I don't plan on changing that aspect of the skins game.

A separate competition for low net with cash awards (like the skins competition).

That's what the "custom contests" section is for -- for you to track whatever kind of competion your league has.  Check out this video on how to set up Custom Contests.

This might be a feature but I don’t know how to use it but being able to figure out handicapped skins.

Gross and net skins are definitely built into Golf League Tracker. Take a look at this help video on how to set it up.

Our league is a team format... So if you and your partner both would make a skin on the same hole, we count that as a skin - you can't cancel your own partner out of a skin... so right now we have to manually do skins

That is a new feature in mid-2021! Check out setting #245 "Team Skins Tie Logic" on your options for this.


If there is a way to have a special formula for handicap. We use the following: total scores, divided by rounds, subtract par, (36), times .80%= handicap.

That is already well within the capabilities of the settings within Golf League Tracker by adjusting some of the settings related to your handicap calculation.

Player Payment Reporting

Ledger for total amounts owing to/receivable from each golfer. League fees + contests - amounts paid out. So all golfers can see what they owe or are owed.

The Player Payment sections has in and out bound dollars which you can record. Look in the League Info section and see this help video.


A better way to handle I unsupported scoring. For example we start each year with a scramble where winning teams are awarded 3 points. Much like I can say a round should not count towards handicap, if another option was added for the round not to count in stats that would be perfect. Then I found add scramble scores, not count towards hip or stats then Override points.

I may extend the "fun night" designation for a round so that those scores aren't counted anywhere. Currently you cannot enter scores for a "fun night". I'll look into this.

I run a stableford league and we drop the two worst scores for the season. I would like to have a button to drop the two worst scores at any time in the season.

If you're speaking of dropping the worst weeks for the league standings, you can configure the League Standings to drop the two worst weeks for the season or segment. See setting number #189 and #190. You can also pull up the Individual Season Long Point Detail in which you can pull up a report to "take best" or "drop worst" number of scores.

W-L-T would be 1st criteria even if loser of overall score in match had more point which gives loser the win by points rather than the player winning by score outcome

The "winner" of a match is configurable, either by number of holes won, or low net score. Please contact tech support for help on setting this up.


Ability to track putt totals would be great. We pay for top three lowest putt average for the year.

At this time, the demand for such a feature just isn't there to make it a top priority. I hope you understand. You can record the winners for each round by setting up a Custom Contest, but you'd have to add them up separately.

Ability to pick and choose which reports my league members could run/see. For example, we use the Team Point Summary report for our standings; but the Win/Loss/Tie standings give different information which confuses some players. Similarly i'd think individual leagues wouldn't want Team reports.

Individual leagues don't see team reports, but that visibility is automatically handled by the system. I may consider finer adjustment to the reports in the future.

A category to allow you to include net scores each hole from the round so I could create a spreadsheet with those numbers and work with that.

There are several reports which will show you net scores on each hole for the round, including the League Standings, Stroke Play Results - By Round, and Detailed Points Score Sheet.

Easier way to transfer scores to Excel PDF

There is already an Export function for all reports except the Detailed Points Scoresheet report. Take a look at my Reporting Basics video for more information.

The ability to be able to track a players index in a simple manner. The system we used to use gave us a simple chart of each player and their index over the past 5 rounds.

If you go to Stats -> Player Handicap History, you can pull up the history on a per player basis. However, I'd love to see how your old report looked, as I may be able to include something like that.

My league has 2 divisions so I would like to be able to have the leaders for the current session posted with the points for that session along with the total points for the season posted along side so they know who is the leader for any tie breakers that we use.

You can display the season and segment points in your League Standings by changing settings 97 and 98. Tie breakers are league specific, so you cannot configure them in Golf League Tracker. Everybody does them differently, so I suggest you post those in your League Rules.

Total birdies for the season

Birdie counts can be found a number of places, but I generally go to Stats -> Scoring Averages, which has a birdie/eagle/par, etc column. Recall that you can click on the report header to sort by that column so you can change it from low to high sorting if necessary.

Being able to have the Overall League Standings as the homepage.

The home page is designed to be a summary of the league, which you can configure with Widgets. There is a Standings widget which you can add to your home page. See this on how to change your home page dashboard layout.


Would it be possible to add text messaging for sub requests? Getting an email address from all of the guys in the league, and subs, is difficult.

I have considered adding a direct SMS feature, however there would be an incurred cost to do so. Sending text messages is actually fairly expensive with low volume, and it would definitely have to be an add-on cost. However, every phone provider has an E-mail to Text feature. Take a look at this: How to Send Text Messages

The option to e-mail just one or two individuals from the website, and not always the entire league.

If you click on a player's email address in the player list, your browser will launch your default e-mail program on your computer or phone, and you can send an e-mail to that person as you would any other e-mail.

We have some 3-person teams that share their two slots in 2-person league each week. When I send out emails to regular players, the third member of those teams don't get that email. I workaround this by having a separate email list just for those 5 or 6 people, and I forward the email from my personal email account. That's fine, but it'd be nice to have a selection in the email interface for "regular and alternate players".

What you could do is for those two players, enter two different e-mails for each of them. You can type in multiple e-mails for a player by separating them with a semi-colon.


I appreciate the site. and especially the mobile scoring part. also if player has an uploaded image, can it be printed to the scorecard? helps especially at the beginning of the season when new players join and don't know anyone.

Interesting idea! I'll explore this, however I think the picture would be so small on a scorecard that it wouldn't be useful, but I will take a look.

Fix the scorecard print out so the cards are centered top half then bottom half of the page. One slice on a paper cutter and done. There is just a narrow gap now - harder to cut- and I cut off the bottom section.

When generating scorecards, you can choose what the gap between cards is. Since printing on the web is greatly dependent upon your web browser, you need to set your margins so the cards are centered. Unfortunately, there's not a way for me to adjust your browser settings (it's a security issue and browsers don't allow it). Take a look at this short video for some additional tips on printing cards.

I would like to see when I have groups in a league that the cart signs and scorecards would be group specific, now they say both group names, this would be nice for the players looking for their carts when all are lined up

Please contact tech support directly for this so I can learn more about what you're trying to do.

Adjust handicap manually on the scorecard entry. We use a formula of 80% differential to par for first time players/subs

You can edit a player's handicap by going into the League Setup -> Player List and editing the player's info

Sub Requests

I've tried one other golf league app and enjoyed using it. However the move over to Golf League Tracker is the best move I could have made. All of our league members are enjoying it. We've been able to save a considerable amount of money compared to the old app. The money saved will go to end of year prizes/dinner for the league. My only criticism would be the sub request process for players is more involved than our members would like. I have found that it's easier for me to chase down subs, or for the members to tell me which subs will play when than having the players go through the sub reservation process.

You can simplify the sub request process by turning off the Sub Request Validation setting (setting #143). By default this is ON, which requires the sub to confirm his/her request by clicking on a link in their e-mail. However, if you turn this off, then this step is skipped and subs are immediately e-mailed.

Live Scoring

My members have a hard time finding the live scoring button. And the scorecard button so they can see the strokes given. Also, The descriptions of the adjustments in league set up aren't always clear.

I'd love to hear more about difficulty finding the "live scoring" button, I'm not quite sure what that means, and I'd be happy to clarify any descriptions in the settings if I learn which specific ones need to be improved.

In the live scoring on the leaderboard, have birdies, eagles, and bogies circled and squared so they stand out easier.

I love this idea, will definitely look into it in this off-season.

Obviously an Iphone app, so everyone can easily do live scoring. But I know Iphone apps are a whole "thing"

You can do live scoring right now whether you have an Android or Apple. Take a look at the Live Scoring demo videos on how it works!

Live Scoring in the App not just the website - would be much easier in regards to data usage and connectivity from phones.

Data usage is minimal in the live scoring and is written as a single page application, and simply calls a back-end API for updating.

While in live scoring mode being able to confirm scores and points for completed matches.

The only way the system can know if matches are completed is by ending the Live Scoring session. At that point the confirmation and points can be done.


Ability to download and work offline.

Golf League Tracker is a website only, not a desktop app.