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Two Player League Ideas

Golf League Tracker offers a wide variety of options when configuring your league, and I would like to present the more common formats of golf leagues that you can use Golf League Tracker for to manage your league. This list will give you a starting point for creating your league, but is by no means the only kind of format you can play with Golf League Tracker.

Two Player Match Play

Match play is a format where you play for points for each hole. In a two-player team, the "A" flight player (the lower handicapped player) plays against the opponent's "A" flight player, and the "B" player plays against the other "B" player. In addition to each individual match, leagues also combine this with a stroke-play type format, where additional points are given for low net score for each individual match, as well as extra points for the team low net score

Point Setup

  • Points Per Hole, Individual Match Play: 2
  • Points for Individual Low Net Total: 2
  • Points for Team Low Net Score: 4
  • Total Possible Points for a 9 hole league: 44

League Format Features

This format is very much a team game while usually matching up similarly skilled players in their matches because of the A/B flighting. In addition, the 4 points for the team low net score has given the team score a fairly heavy importance since the total points outcome can have an 8 point swing with just a couple of shot different in the team low net total. This format also plays well when a player on a team is absent.

Two Player Best Ball

The Best Ball format, also known as "four-ball" is a game in which the best score between two teammates is played against the best score of their opponents on a hole by hole basis for a certain number of points. You can also combine this format with stroke play points

Point Setup

  • Points Per Hole, Team Best Ball: 2
  • Points for team Low Net Score: 4
  • Total Possible Points for a 9 hole league: 22

League Format Features

Best Ball, or four-ball is a classic team game, and is one of the featured formats for the Ryder Cup and President's Cup events. It takes some pressure off individual players since their partner can back them up in case one player is out of the hole. The main issue with this format is how to handle absent players, as it is a distinct disadvantage if one player on a team is absent, however Golf League Tracker can substitute the "course" as a sub to compensate for this.

Two Player Stableford

Stableford is a system in which points are won by a player for each hole based on their net score relative to par. Each team doesn't have a single opponent, but instead plays "against the field". This is very much like stroke play except that in a traditional Stableford game, once a player reaches a double-bogey, they don't win any points, and any score higher than double-bogey is irrelevant. In other words, you can have a REALLY bad hole and it won't damage your round as much as pure stroke play. With Team Stableford, both players win Stableford points and the player's points are added together

Point Setup

  • Stableford Bogey: 1
  • Stableford Par: 2
  • Stableford Birdie: 3
  • Stableford Eagle: 4
  • Stableford Double-Eagle: 5

League Format Features

If you don't want head to head matchups, Stableford is a better method than pure stroke play because it doesn't punish players for really bad holes.