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Tracking Only Player Handicaps

Normally Golf League Tracker is used for a complete golf league manager for your league, which can calculate handicaps, points, display standings, handle subs and automated sub requests, and keep track of detailed reports (at the time of this writing, 18 different reports).

However, if you're looking to track just handicaps for your club, you have two options within Golf League Tracker to do so:

Option 1: Handicaps and Club Statistics Mode

If you would like to keep track of handicaps and detailed stats for your club, you would use Golf League Tracker mostly as intended as a league manager, but without worrying about any kind of point settings. In this mode, Golf League Tracker's basic membership is limited to 30 rounds, however you can extend that with an extra league purchase for each additional 30 rounds which you require. For example, if you need to track 50 rounds, that would be 2 league purchases (see the pricing page for multi-league discount information).

When in this mode, there is a more structured format for setting up your club and entering scores.

Initial Setup

In order to enter scores into Golf League Tracker, the league administrator needs to do some initial setup:

  1. Set up the number of "regular" players. A regular player is any player who might play for a given week. This is limited to 100 players. While you can set players up as subs, a sub has to have a regular player scheduled for whom they are subbing for. You don't have to schedule all regular players for a given round.
  2. League dates and tee times must be set. If you don't have set tee times, you can hide them in your league settings, but you still need to set them in the setup. The "Number of Players" setting is used to calculate the maximum number of tee times which will be available for your clubee times are set up in the league (the system assumes 4 players per tee time).
  3. Regular players then get assigned a Player Number. This number doesn't change throughout the season.

This initial setup is required and is done ahead of time.

Weekly Duties

When it comes time to play, the league administrator needs to set up the schedule. You have a few options in doing this. 

Auto Scheduling

The auto scheduler schedules EVERYBODY who is a regular player in the system.  This may or may not be an issue depending on how you run your game. If you want to print scorecards with official pairings, and you only have a subset of players playing, then this won't apply. But if you have players who just "show up and play" and aren't concerned with pairings in the system, tee times, or printing scorecareds, then this works fine. For players who didn't play, you would mark them as absent when you enter scores.

Manual Scheduling

If you're running a more organized event where you want pairings and scorecareds, manual scheduling would be more appropriate. Once you have your list of players for the week, you can edit the schedule for the next round, creating your pairings from a list of regular players that you have entered into the system. Once the schedule is entered, you can then enter print card signs, print scorecards (with handicap info), and enter scores. 

Entering Scores

Golf League Tracker allows players to enter their own hole-by-hole scores with "LIve Scoring" option if the league administrator turns on this feature. This alleviates the administrator from having to enter those scores, and only requires the administrator to "verify" that the score is correct. It's recommended that players keep an official paper scorecard which they turn in when done playing (or many leagues allow players to text a picture of the card).

Alternatively, the league administrator would enter scores for each player, entering hole-by-hole scores.

Scheduling is Required!

You MUST create a schedule in order to enter scores with this mode, and the schedule must be set up completely before scores are entered, as you cannot change the schedule for that round once you begin to enter scores.

Automatic Handicapping

Because scores are entered hole-by-hole, Equitable Stroke Control settings (ie. maximum strokes per hole) are automatically applied, and handicaps automatically calculated.

Option 2: Handicapping Mode

If you don't want all the detailed player statistics and only want to track handicaps, Golf League Tracker has a "Handicapping Mode" which will allow you to enter basic information for any score a player completes.  While in the free 4-round trial mode, you can enter up to 20 scores per player. Once your yearly subscription is paid, there is no limit on the number of scores, and you can enter scores throughout the calendar year.  You must renew your subscription when the new year rolls around to copy your league information to the new season and repurchase your yearly subscription.

When in the Handicapping Mode some setup and statistics screens are simplified since they no longer apply.

Since total scores are used for this mode rather than hole by hole score entry, it's up to the player or the administrator to figure out any ESC (Equitable Stroke Control) adjustments before entering the score.  Once scores are entered, it's just a matter of a single button click to update everybody's handicap with your league settings.

You can select Hadicapping Mode by changing the "Golf League Tracker Account Type" setting (setting #211) in your league settings.

Handicapping Feature Comparison Chart

Category Handicapping & Club Stats Handicapping Only
League Setup Requires full league setup, including a schedule to be set for specific dates League officers, players, and courses. The course is required if you want to get playing handicaps calculated for your various tee boxes for your league.
Entering Scores Requires hole by hole score entry, which is used for Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) and the detailed stats Only requires the player, score, course rating/slope, par, and date to be entered. ESC must be applied manually by the administrator or player before entering the total.
Player Limit Limited to 100 players Unlimited
Round Limit 30 with the basic membership. For each additioanl 30 rounds, an extra league purchase is required Unlimited for the calendar year.
Statistics Full league statistics Only handicapping calculation

Note: Golf League Tracker is not an official GHIN handicap and cannot be used in sanctioned events.