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Tee-Time Priority for Players or Teams

Tee-time priority is a setting in Golf League Tracker which can aid you in scheduling by ordering players/teams with their preferred tee times. The most common use would be for a work league in which some players request later tee times because of their work schedule.

When setting up your players/teams in the Step 6 League Setup -> Assign Player/Team Numbers section of your League Setup, a tee time priority can be selected for each player/team, from a value of 0, for earlier tee times, to 10, later tee times. The default for each is set to 5.

How Does It Work?

The method in which the system uses the tee-time priority is pretty simple. Let's take an example of a 2-player team league, but the concept works exactly the same for an individual player league: For each matchup, the tee time priorities of the two teams are added together. The system then orders the groups using this total value, from lowest to highest, with the loweste total having the earlier tee time. If more than 1 group has the same priority total, the system will try to evenly distribute those teams for each week.

Note that tee time priority is only used when auto generating the schedule. Changing the tee time priority after the schedule is generated has no effect.

What If an "Early" Team is Playing a "Later" Team

Well, something has to "give"! You of course can't play early and late in the same match, so the same rule applies: the tee time priorities of the two teams are added together and placed in order.

Adjusting Tee Times After Schedule Generation

You can easily change the order of the matches after the schedule has been generated by navigating to League Setup -> Scheduling -> Edit Schedule for a Single Round, and dragging the order of the matches up and down in your desired order.