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Split Tee Times

With Golf League Tracker, each round has to be scheduled for a single course and side. To configure Golf League Tracker for split tee times (where players are sent off both the front and back at the same time), you can do the following:

  1. Go into League Setup / Change League Settings, and change setting #12, "Days Between Rounds", so that it's set to "2 rounds every 7 days". This will allow you to schedule 2 rounds for each league date.
  2. Now change settings 116-119 (number of rounds in each segment), and double the number of rounds you have set for each segment. For example, if you had 8 rounds in the first segment, and 9 rounds in the second segment, you would change that to 16 and 18 respectively.
  3. Then go into League Setup and click on "Set League Dates"
  4. Choose your Starting Date, click Set League Dates
  5. This will schedule 2 rounds on each league date.

Scheduling Split Tee Times

Golf League Tracker can create your split tee time schedule. When you create your schedule, you'll see two rounds for each league date. You will need to set one to the front and one to the back 9. Note that split tee time scheduling cannot always be evenly divided between the front and back. For example, if you play 20 rounds, the system will have players playing one side or the other 9, 10, or 11 times. Also realize that some players must play one side or the another a few times in a row in order to even things out. With 8 players, you may have some players playing the same side 3 times in a row. With 16 players, 4 times, with 32 players, 5 times. THIS IS MATHEMATICALLY UNAVOIDABLE!

Think of a simple example of 4 players. Player 1/2 plays the front, 3/4 play the back. The following week, players 1 and 3 will play together, and 2 and 4. Half of the league will have to play the same side again. As you increase the player count, this same requirement is extended to more players and more rounds in a row.

League Standings With Split Tee Times

By default, each round will be displayed separately in the league standings screen when using split tee times, and the players who were not scheduled for a given side will be shown as "absent". However, you can turn on an option in Golf League Tracker called "Combine Same Date in Standings". When this option is ON, Golf League Tracker will attempt to combine the front and back 9 into a single "Round", and display them all at once.

Skins and Split Tee Times

Because Golf League Tracker handles split tee times as separate rounds, there would be a separate skins pot calculated for each side. So if 10 players play the front at $2 per player, the front side pot is $20, and if 8 players play the back at $2 per player, the back side pot is $16. These pots are not combined when viewing the winners and the amount won.