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Recording Points

Point calculations in Golf League Tracker are automatically calculated based on the values you have configured under a variety of point settings. You can play match play, net score, stableford, points for placement vs the field, and if 2-player leagues, best ball, high/low (and I'm probably forgetting something) and you can even have combinations of points of which the system will calculate and combine together.

When you Record Points for a group, those points are calculated and locked in for that round. They are then applied to the league standings. This enables leagues to possibly change their point system mid-season without affecting previous rounds.

Special League Rules

If your league has special rules which the system cannot handle automatically, you can override the points the system calculates and those changes will be locked in for the round

Step 1:

To Record Points, go to "Enter Scores and Points" from the Weekly Administration Section, select the round, and choose "Record Points" from the "Action" drop down list

Step 2:

Your scorecard will be displayed, with the calculated points in the golden colored text box (this color may be different if you have a different theme selected)

In this example, we are recording points for a 2-player team, which separates out individual and team points into their respective categories. When you view the league standings, all the points won will be totaled for the team, but you can also run some reports which break these out for you.

If you need to change the points the system calculated to adjust for any special rules your league has, you can type over those amounts.

Step 3: Save the Points

When you're ready, click the blue "Record Points" button at the bottom, and this locks in the points for that group.

I Overrode the Points, But they Keep Reverting Back

If you overrode the points, those points ARE locked in and displayed in the League Standings and other standings reports. However, if you re-record points for that scorecard, the points are re-calculated again using the current league settings, and your override disappears.

Additionally, the Detailed Points Scoresheet will not show points which are overridden, and has a message at the top of the screen reminding you of this.