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Printing and E-Mailing Reports

Do You Really Need to Print?

Since Golf League Tracker is a web site, I encourage you to reconsider whether or not you need to expend the time, paper, and cost of printing reports. With Golf League Tracker, ALL of your players can log into the site using the player password and retrieve any report they wish. If your players have an e-mail address, then they also have the ability to log into the site and pull up reports. At this time there are 18 reports which your players can retrieve, let them explore the site and do it themselves!


Printing reports with Golf League Tracker is done by your web browser's "Print" function. Usually access by the File | Print function, or by pressing "CTRL-P" (or CMD-P on a Mac) on your keyboard, this will start the print function in your browser where you can change the printer and margins, and whatever other options your browser implements for printing.

E-mailing Reports

If you want to e-mail a report, you have to create a PDF file from the page, then e-mail the PDF file. You can do this a couple of ways, depending on what kind of computer you have (PC or Mac), and which browser you use.

Google Chrome

Dialog of Google Chrome Printing

Open any web page inside Google Chrome, press Ctrl+P (or Cmd+P if you are on a Mac) to open the Print dialog and change the destination printer to “Save as PDF.” Hit the Print button and the current web page will instantly download as a PDF document. Simple!


Safari gives you the ability to save web pages in the PDF format. You don't require any additional software. A useful feature allowing you to save your important email (invoices, confirmations,...etc) and favorite webpages. Instructions:

  1. Launch Safari.
  2. Open the webpage of your choice.
  3. Open the Print menu (Command + P).
  4. Click on the PDF button > Save as PDF.
  5. Choose the filename and destination for your new PDF file.
  6. Click on Save.


For you FireFox users, you can install an extension from Adobe (the makers of PDF) into your browser. This will put a button on your screen which you click to convert the page you're on to PDF. Take a look at online documentation for the instructions from Adobe for this option.

Internet Explorer

At this time, you need to install a 3rd party "Printer" driver on your computer, which will allow you to "Print" the page to the PDF Printer, which then creates a PDF. I personally use a free program called CuteFTP. You can Visit their website and follow their instructions for installation. Note that I have no relation with CuteFTP and cannot offer technical support on its use.