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Setting Up Leagues for More than 2 players per Team


When speaking of leagues with more than 2 players per team, this article refers to leagues who have more than 2 players playing at the same time for the team.  Some leagues run 2-player teams, but have more than 2 players rotate in and out on the team each week. This article is not about that. 

You can use Golf League Tracker to keep track of your league which has more than 2 players per team. However the schedule and matchups must be entered manually each week, as that is not automated at this time.

Real Life Example

Take a common scenario of a 9 hole league, 4 players per team, 8 teams (32 players total), with an A, B, C, and D flighted player. Each team plays against another team each week, match play, where the player of each flight plays against their corresponding opponent (A vs A, B vs B, etc.). Each match is 1 point per hole, and 1 point for low net score, for a possible 10 points for each individual match, which is a possible 40 points for each team.

To configure your league for such a setup, you would:

  • Sign up to Golf League Tracker as an "Individual Player" league
  • Use the "League Group" option and create a group for each team on your league
  • Set up your league as you normally would in Golf League Tracker, and assign each player to their appropriate League Group (which you will use as your Team designation)

Weekly Tasks

When it comes time to play, it's up to the league administrator to set their schedule for the week and assign the match ups. Golf League Tracker cannot do this automatically for leagues with more than 2 players per team, however I can help you out and provide you with a schedule to indicate which teams will be playing against each other each week, but it will be up to you to determine which specific players are playing against each other on a weekly basis. Typically the A/B/C/D designation (in the case of a 4-player team) is determined by handicap, which can be viewed in the player list.

Once you enter the schedule, you would play as normal, enter the scores, record points, and that will give you points for each match. 

Reporting the Totals

Golf League Tracker has a report called "Standings By Group" which will give you totals by each Legaue Group (team)  can give you totals by "League Group". This is in addition to the "League Standings" page, which will show individual results.