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Setup is Incomplete

Troubleshooting Player/Team Setup

Problem: No Checkmark next to Maintain the Player List

Reason: There aren't enough "regular players" entered.

  • Reduce the Number of Players value in your settings to match how many players you have entered
  • Enter more "regular" players so you have at least as many as your Number of Players setting

Problem: No Checkmark next to "Set Tee times"

Reason: If you've increased the number of players in your league, then one or more tee times need to be set for the additional groups.

Problem: No Checkmark next to "Assign Team/Player Number"

Reason: You don't have all of your players and/or teams assigned with Regular Players

  • If you moved a player from the Regular player list to the sub or inactive list, you need to replace him with another player
  • If you're reducing your player count at the start of the season, and moved some regular players to the sub or inactive list, you may need to reassign the other regular players to new player numbers. For example, if you've gone from 20 to 16 players, the players who were assigned to player numbers 17-20 will need to be reassigned to player numbers from 1-16.