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Importing Players and Scores from Another System

Golf League Tracker allows you to import a player list or historical scores from another system to help you quickly get your league up and running. The information must be in an Excel or CSV format, and each piece of data on a separate row.

Sample File

Click here to download a sample Player List file of data which could be imported to better understand the format that it needs to be in. Note that the column order is not important, but certain columns will be required depending on what kind of data you're trying to import.

Getting Started

Log in as Administrator and go to the League Setup Section, and click on "Import Players and Scores". Choose what kind of data you'd like to import, either players, or score history. Note that when importing score history, the players can automatically be added to the player list.

Importing Players

Each player must be saved in a separate row in your Excel or CSV file, which each piece of information in it's own column. If you're using Excel, only the first worksheet will be imported. The following information can be imported:

Required Fields:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
Optional Fields:
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone 1
  • Phone 2
  • ...and more

Click "Choose File" and find your file on your computer to upload. Select the file and click "Open".

Click the blue "Upload" button when you're ready to upload the file.

Once the file is uploaded, the contents of the file will be displayed. You then need to tell Golf League Tracker which columns from your data match the fields in the Golf League Tracker system. For players, you must choose at least a first name and last name column. You can also choose which rows to import. In this example, the Row 1 is the "header" row in my Excel file, and I don't want to import that row:

In this example, the first column is the player's "First Name", and the second column is the player's "Last Name", so I now choose the fields from the drop down which match the contents of each column:

After you match the columns, they will be highlighted to show you that the column will be imported. Also note that you can edit the player data by typing in the grid before you finish the import:

Once you're ready to go, click the "Import Players" button to load the data. After importing, you will be given a grid which shows the results of the import. Sometimes you will have errors with some data, such as:

  • Duplicate player names
  • First or last name is blank

In this example, you can see I had some players who were already entered, or they were duplicated in my import file.

Importing Historical Scores

Importing historical scores works just like importing players, but there are some things to consider:

  • If you have player names already loaded, the names in the historical scores must match the names EXACTLY in the system for the score to be entered under the correct player.
  • You have to option to add players who don't exist to the player list. If unchecked, players who aren't found will be ignored and not imported.