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Multiple Divisions or Flights (aka "League Groups")

In Golf League Tracker, you have 2 options for breaking your league up into logical components. You can run multiple leagues, or have player/team groupings within a single league, which I call "League Groups".

Option 1: Multiple Leagues

When your purchase multiple leagues in Golf League Tracker, each league is set up completely independent from each other. One league doesn't know anything about any other. Each has their own login, settings, player list, and rules. Golf League Tracker offers a multi-league discount for those who run more than one league. The pricing structure is listed here.

Option 2: League Groups

You can break your players/teams into as many groups as you like through the "Manage League Group" option in your league setup. Some leagues might call this "flights" or "divisions". For instance, you could have 3 groups, called "Palmer", "Nicklaus", and "Trevino" groups. You would then assign the player/team to one of those groups in the set up. Then when you pull up the league standings or other reports you can filter the result by group, or display the entire league at once.

When you create your schedule, you will be given the opportunity to schedule within a group, or with players in different groups playing each other. Note that for the scheduler to schedule within the group, you have to have an even number of teams (if a team league), or an even number of players (if an individual player league) in each group.

Another popular use for this feature are playoffs. Some larger leagues group their players into 4 groups. For most of the season, the players play against only those players in their group. Then the top 2 players from each group are taken, and those 8 players play against each other the last 4 rounds in the season in a bracket type elimination.


Feature Breakdown

Feature Multiple Leagues League Groups
Price Multiple leagues must each be purchased. Golf League Tracker offers a multiple league discount. Single league purchase
Settings With a multiple leagues, each league can have their own unique settings and logins. Everything is combined under one league with the total number of players set (up to 100) and the same league settings for each league group.
Players & Subs Each league has their own and complete player and sub list. It's not possible to move a player from one league to another.  Each sub has a scoring history unique to each league. You can assign a group to a player or team starting at any round in the season, so it's easy to move players between groups. For your subs, there's a single sub list and that sub can play for any player at any time.
League Contests Each league has their own and complete contest list and winners. You have the option with Skins to have the skin winners calculated within each League Group, or against the entire league.
Scheduling Each league has their own unique schedule There's a single schedule for the league, and players can play within their group or with players in other groups.
Rainouts Since each league is separate, you could have a rainout in one league, and no rainout in the other. Since it's a single league, if one group has a rainout, then that applies to all league groups.  If you have an "early league" and "late league", and are wanting to divide them up with League Groups, if one has a rainout, then all have a rainout.
Standings & Stats Completely separate stats and standings. Standings and stats are combined, however you can filter Standings and most other reports by group if so desired
Security Each league has it's own unique login A single league ID and password for all groups.