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Entering Scramble Scores for a Non-Scramble League

Sometimes when running a non-scramble league, you may want to enter scores for a scramble for a special round which DOES count for points and standings. This article will explain how to do that.

Scramble vs Non-Scramble Leagues

There's two separate configurations between a Scramble league and a non-scramble 2-Player Team league in Golf League Tracker, and they cannot be switched once the league has started. The reason is that when configured for a scramble, a team handicap is calculated, while configured for 2-player team league, an individual player handicap is calculated.

You do have a workaround, however.

Things to Consider

The first thing to remember is that for a scramble league, there's only 1 score per team. The second is that when entering scores in a non-scramble league, you don't want that scramble score to count for handicapping. The steps below will address that.

Calculating the Team Handicap for 2-Player Team

You will have to do this manually. The USGA recommends using 35% of the "A" player + 15% of the "B" player for the team handicap, rounded to the nearest whole number. For example, if you have a 5 and a 9 playing together, the team handicap would be

(5 * .35) + (9 * .15) = 3.1, rounded to 3.

Entering Scores

  • You must enter the score under one player, and for the other player you'll should choose "Teammate plays against opponent". 
  • Uncheck the "HDCP" checkbox next to the score. You don't want a scramble score affecting the player's handicap calculation
  • Click the "EDIT HANDICAP" checkbox, which will allow you to override the handicaps for the players. Enter the team handicap you calculated.

From there, the scoring as you have it configured will be calculated. If you have different points for your scramble, you can always override the points calculated and enter whatever you like without having to change your entire point settings for your league.