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Entering 27 Hole Courses

When entering a 27 hole golf course, how you enter it depends on whether you're a 9-hole league, or an 18-hole league. 

9-Hole Leagues

When entering a 27-hole golf course for a 9-hole league, you should enter each 9 as a separate golf course. Each must have a unique name, and you will choose the starting hole number for that set of 9 holes. This allows Golf League Tracker to number the holes properly when looking at scorecards and stats. 

18-Hole Leagues

For 18-hole leagues you will need to enter each combination of holes, which means 3 different courses. For example, holes 1-18, holes 10-27 and holes 9-19.  In addition, most 27-hole courses have their Hole Handicaps numbered 1-9 for each set of 9 holes. When you play 18 holes, each hole must have a unique value, so you need to convert the hole handicap for each side. The general rule to follow is:

  • For the front 9, double the hole handicap value and subtract 1
  • For the back 9, simply double the hole handicap value

This will result in the front 9 having odd numbered handicaps, and the back 9 having even numbered handicaps, all with unique values.

Course Naming

For naming, some golf courses give names to each of their nine holes. In my area, there's a course called "Twin Lakes", and each 9 is named separately: Estates, Links, and Woods. When entering these courses, I would give each a unique name of "Twin Lakes - Estates", "Twin Lakes - Links", and "Twin Lakes - Woods", and then set the proper starting hole number for each.

If I were an 18 hole league entering these, I would enter three courses, "Twin Lakes 1-18", "Twin Lakes 10-27" and "Twin Lakes 9-19" and also choose the proper starting hole number.

Existing Leagues

For existing leagues, to update your course information for 27 holes, you can simply edit your course and set the proper starting hole number for that set of 9 or 18 holes. Be sure to go back to previous seasons and make your adjustments there as well. The update in the current season will not go BACK and update old seasons, but the info will carry forward from this point on.