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Diagnosing E-mail Problems

When you send e-mails from Golf League Tracker, sometimes players will complain that they didn't receive the message. This article will help you figure out why someone might not have received an e-mail you sent.

How Does it Work?

When you fill out the Golf League Tracker e-mail form, you select who you want the message to go to. When you click Send, Golf League Tracker contacts a 3rd party messaging system to deliver the messages (see below for more details). This allows Golf League Tracker to free itself up, and you can continue to use the system while someone else sends the e-mails.

Messages which are sent are logged into the e-mail log, and the status of those e-mails are updated realtime. For example, when a message is delivered, when it's opened, or if an error occurred. This allows you to view the status of those messages.

Viewing the Details of Sent Messages

The next thing you can do is go to your E-mail Log to see the details of the messages you've sent, who they were sent to and what the result was. By default, all leagues include a 7-day email log. This means that you can view the log of the e-mails which you've sent from Golf League Tracker for 7 days. An optional unlimited e-mail log is available for purchase as an add-on, which will allow you to view e-mails you've sent for the entire season.

To view the e-mail log, go to Administration -> League Info -> E-mail Log.

You will then see a list of messages you've sent. The date and time it was sent, the subject, how many receipients it was sent to, a delivered count and an error count. You can view the actual message you sent by clicking the magnifier icon next to the message you wish to view.

To view details for each specific person, click the "Stats" icon

Viewing Message Statistics

The message statistics screen will show you the details of each recipient, the status of the delivery, and any errors which may have occurred. There are 4 different columns which tell you where the message is in terms of the delivery:

In Route

This means that you probably just sent the message, and the Golf League Tracker e-mail server hasn't heard back from the receiving party yet. E-mail is usually REALLY fast, so you won't see a message In Route for very long (if at all). However it does take a few seconds for the receiving e-mail system to talk back to Golf League Tracker to indicate the message has been received. If you see a message In Route for a fairly long time, it may mean that the recipient's e-mail system is down at that moment.


Delivered means that the message found its way to the intended e-mail system, and the user's e-mail address was found. It does NOT mean that the user will receive the message! Why? Because many e-mail systems, especially corporate e-mail system, have built-in filtering which occur before the recipient ever sees the message. This is to filter out things like e-mails with viruses or other malicious e-mails.


This means the user has opened the e-mail address. Of course, you can't make the user actually READ what you wrote! A message which does not have a checkmark does not necessarily mean that the user did not open the message, however. A user can block their e-mail program from reporting back on whether or not they read the message. This is outside the control of the sender. Ever send an e-mail with a "read receipt" option turned on, and you never got notified that the recipient read your message? That's the same thing going on here.


This means that the user definitely did not receive your e-mail message. The reasons can vary greatly, but some errors are more common than others.

Err Reason

This is the detailed message which Golf League Tracker received back from either the user's e-mail system, provided the e-mail system exists, or back from Golf League Tracker's e-mail system, in the case where the receiving e-mail system cannot be located. The details can vary from system to system, even for the same error. Below are the more common errors.

Error Types

  • Address Unknown, Email Account Does not Exist, Mailbox not found: These are all the same error. This means that the user's email address is incorrect. Either the player gave you their incorrect e-mail address, or you typed it in incorrectly. You'll have to call/text the player and clarify what their e-mail address is and update it in the system.
  • Mailbox is full, Mailbox has exceeded its storage limit. This means that the recipient was found, but their mailbox is full. When you sign up for an e-mail, you usually have a limit on the amount of storage you get with your account. When this error is received, the user has gone over their storage limit. They will need to delete some e-mails before they can start receiving them again.
  • Not Delivering to a Previously Bounced Address: This means that the Golf League Tracker e-mail server will not send an e-mail to an address which has previously had an error.

A Player's E-mail is Red in Color

When viewing the player list as administrator, you may see a player's e-mail address highlighted in red. This means that the system has flagged their e-mail address because of a previous error, and will not attempt to send to that address again (see the above "Not Delivering to a Previously Bounced Address"). To clear this error, you must edit the player, and re-save their information. If the original reason of the bounce was an incorrect e-mail address, be sure to fix their e-mail address when you save, otherwise the message to them will continue to bounce back.

The Player Still Can't Find the E-mail Message

The first thing is to verify their e-mail address is entered properly. It's quite possible to type in the wrong e-mail address for someone, and still be successful sending the message, because the wrong e-mail typed in may actually exist. This means the message was delivered to someone else!

Second, have the user check their spam folder. Sometimes messages sent in automated systems like this are flagged as spam.

Finally, have the user check their other folders. Sometimes people set up "filters" in their e-mail system to route messages to a specific folder.

How Reliable is the Golf League Tracker's E-mail System?

Golf League Tracker uses a 3rd party e-mail provider called Mailgun to deliver e-mail messages. They are a leader in messaging, with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. Golf League Tracker purchases a dedicated IP address, which improves deliverability greatly than when using a shared IP address. As of March of 2022, Golf League Tracker's deliverable success rate is 97.92%. This INCLUDES undeliverable e-mails caused by players having their incorrect e-mail address entered into the system.