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I'm Seeing Ads on Golf League Tracker

If you're seeing pop-up ads on Golf League Tracker, then you have malware installed on your computer.  Golf League Tracker has ZERO pop-up ads, and never will.  Often you'll get malware installed either without your knowledge (with a virus) or if you're not careful as to what you're installing.  For example, many times programs which you install also has additional software which is installed when you "Agree" to the terms of service.

Other times browser add-ons will install things which drive these ads based on some keywords the add-on finds on the page, and shows you relevant (or so they say) ads.

How To Remove

You need to run an anti-virus/anti-malware program on your computer, or look in your browser add-ons list and remove the offending program.  It often can be difficult to find which program is doing it, but many times "search bar" add-ons are riddled with adware.

Some of my favorite programs to detect and remove these programs are (note, I cannot offer technical support for these programs)