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What's the Difference Between Team Points and Individual Points?

For 2-person team leagues, Golf League Tracker has two categories of points: Individual and Team. When points are calculated, they automatically go into one of these buckets, and there are reports which can break down points based on their point type.

For example, a 2-player match play/stroke play league, where the A player plays A, and B plays B on the opposing team match play.. Points are set up for 1 point for each hole in each individual match. These points are considered "individual" points because the outcome of the points is based on an individual player results. Additionally, there are 4 points available for the team low net score. These would be considered "team points" because the outcome is based on team results.  Team points which are won are evenly divided between the two players on the team.

When you are viewing reports, some reports break out those points into their respective categories (such as the report called "Points Results - Full Season"), while other reports automatically combine them into a total. When viewing the league standings, the points won by each player (both individual and team points) are also added together for a grand total of team points, which is how the final standings would be displayed.