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Golf League Tracker Recommended Products

Pre-perforated Card Stock for Scorecards, 9 or 18 holes

Heavy weight card stock works well when printing scorecards from Golf League Tracker. Heavy weight which is easy to write on, the perforations make it easy to split the page in two without having to cut the page by hand. Select the correct stock based on whether you print in portrait (for 9 hole leagues) or landscape (for 18 hole leagues).

ShotScope Shot Tracker

Want to keep individual stats for your own golf game? I've been a ShotScope user for a couple of years. Easy to use, accurate, and their website has tons of stats to tell you your strengths and weaknesses, so you know what to improve on.

Bushnell Phantom 2 GPS

If you're not into stats, but need a GPS, the Phantom 2 is excellent. Big numbers (for us old guys), and built in magnet to attach to the card. The battery lasts a long time too.

Golfer's Finger Tape

The classic finger tape. Helps prevent blisters and callouses. Stays on during a round, and comes off without any residue.

Golfer's Finger Tape

A new finger tape which I've been using for about a year. Has a little more cushion, and is a bit wider. Comes in different colors too!

Attachable Club Brush

Can't play with dirty clubs. This club brush will keep your irons looking and playing like new.

Blue Striped Golf Towels

You'll see these towels at country clubs. They are the PERFECT size and weight (22x40). They are THIN, which is great for golf, but aborbent so they stay wet. And frankly, who wants to pay $20 for a single towel? If I lose one of these, it's of no concern. And since they're white, I can bleach them to brighten them up.

Golf Ball Line Drawing Marking Kit

Identify your ball properly with multiple colors to choose from, and draw alignment aides to help with your putting. I have a set of these in both of my golf bags.

Laser Rangefinder Case

If you have a range finder, you need a case for it. I found the stock cases to be slightly too small. I like carrying an extra couple of batteries, as well as protecting my range finder with one of those silicone "skins". Just check the dimensions before purchase to make sure it will fit.

GPS Rangefinder Case

Before my shotscope, I used the Bushnell Phantom 2 Golf GPS. This case fit perfectly. First, it's a hard case, so it won't get crushed when your clubs are tossed into your trunk, and it's large enough for a charging cable.