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Free Trial Period

Golf League Tracker offers a free trial for new leagues. The length of the trial is dependent upon which product you're using. There are NO LIMITATIONS to the free trial expect that you're limited in how many scores you can enter.

Standard League Manager Trial

The Standard League Manager offers a free 4 round trial. If you play "split tee times" (going off front and back at the same time), the free trial is 8 rounds, because you're set up for two rounds on each date. The trial is NOT date specific. If your league begins May 1st, for example, you can sign up and create a league in January, and the trial is good through the first 4 rounds of your season.

Handicap Only League Trial

Handicap only leagues trial works a little differently. Since there is no schedule, the limit is placed on how many scores you can add per player. This number is dictated by the "Number of Most Recent Rounds to Use" for handicapping. If you use the most recent 10 rounds for handicapping, then you can upload or add up to 10 scores per player. The maximum number for this setting is 20. This enables you to add all the required scores to get a player's handicap up to date for your settings, and tweak whatever handicap settings you may want before purchasing.

Subsequent Seasons

When you renew the following year, your league information is copied over to the new season. For the Standard League Manager product, you again have a free 4-round trial. This enables you to set your league up for the new year, collect dues, and get everything set before purchasing.

For the Handicap Only leagues, there is no trial period for renewals, and the league subscription must be purchased to continue entering scores.