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Team Play - Determining A and B Flights

With 2-player teams who flight the players as the "A" and "B" players, by default the system automatically determines the A and B flighting. The criteria for doing so is as follows:

Player With the Lower Calculated Handicap is the "A" Player

The purpose of flighting is to match the two better players together. So why is the player's index used rather than their course handicap? Because the index determines who the better player is. The index is about the player, while the course handicap is about that player playing from specific tees.

It's not hard to think of a scenario in which a player with a 5.0 calculated handicap is a 10 course handicap from the back tees, but an 10.0 calculated handicap player is a 6 course handicap from the front tees. The 5.0 calculated handicap player is still the better player, even though his course handicap is higher.

If the Two Calculated Handicaps are Exactly the Same

The next criteria is based on how you have the players set as Player 1 and Player 2 in your team lineup. "Player 1" becomes the "A" player in the event the two players have exactly the same Handicap Index.

If a Player Doesn't Have a Handicap

There's no way for the system to know who the better player is until both players on a team have a handicap index computed for them, which is why the "record points" functionality is disabled until all players on a scorecard have handicaps computed.