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Quitters Never Win - and Golf Leagues Lose

We've all had them: players who say they commit to the season, but quit mid-year.  They wreak havoc on a golf league. They mess with your golf league's schedule and other players, not to mention a possible monetary hit on your league.  So what do you do?

Thankfully within Golf League Tracker, you can replace a quitter, (as I affectionately call them), with another player.  The new player will inherit all the points from the old player. You can do that within the League Setup step called "Assigned Player Numbers", or "Assign Players to Teams", depending if you're an individual player league or a team league.

But how do you avoid having quitters to begin with?  We struggled on my Wednesday league for the first 5 years I was a member. Although we used Golf League Tracker, I didn't run the league, so I didn't have the authority to implement my own system.  We are a league of between 24-32 players.  The league President would take half the money up front from everybody, and inevitably 3 or 4 would quit mid-season.  We would either scramble around trying to find replacements, or we would drop players.  Sometimes a team would be left with 1 player on it, and as I found out this year, the league often covered for the missing green's fees (hey, we have a contract with the course).  It was a mess.

When I took the league over this season in 2019, I made some immediate changes, which has resulted in just 1 player quitting this season, but with zero headache on me: 

  • All league dues, including prize money, had to be paid up front
  • If you quit, and you want any money, it's up to you to find your replacement and collect from that person

That was it! The one person who quit found his buddy to replace him.  I didn't know the player quit until a day before the new guy started.  Took about 2 minutes to enter him into Golf League Tracker and replace the old player.