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History of Golf League Tracker

The Start

Golf League Tracker was created by me, Bob Areddy, back in 2001 when I took over my old Chrysler league. Two of us ran the league, the other guy, Tom, handling the money end of things, and me doing the scoring. We inherited an old DOS program which was absolutely horrible to use, and nothing was online. I had to email schedules and standings out each week to everybody. If you made one little mistake in scoring, everything had to be done over again for the week. It was brutal.

I'm a software developer by trade, working anywhere from multi-billion dollar automotive and health care companies to small mom and pop shops throughout my career. I figured I could whip something up for us to use, and I wrote a very basic web app just for our own league in a couple of weeks. Much of the functionality was still very manual, and I didn't even think of trying to sell it, and in fact, it wasn't even online yet, but Golf League Tracker was born.

As time went on, I slowly added to the program, registered GolfLeagueTracker.com and put it online in 2002, and it got to the point where many of my buddies were telling me how much they liked the site, and that I should try to sell it. So I converted the program so that more than one league could use the site, and had to put logic into the system for all of the different rules that most leagues used, because most of the settings were hard coded into the program from the beginning. It wasn't configurable at all.

Selling Golf League Tracker

I didn't really do any kind of marketing until 2007. Google Ads was still pretty new, and at the time I knew nothing about marketing, but I decided to take the plunge. Investing a whopping $1 per day with Google Ads, I got 3 paying customers for the 2007 season! Man, that feels like a lifetime ago! Golf League Tracker has continued to grow each year with now about 200,000 scores being posted to the system.

New Scheduling

Even though I had just 3 customers in 2007, I had a lot of inquires about scheduling for 2008. I'm sure you guys know how difficult it can be to create a good schedule, where everybody plays everybody the same number of times. I took over the task of learning how to do this programmatically. While I'm good at math and logic, I never had formal education in higher math. As I messed around with my Excel spreadsheet with my own league schedule, a pattern developed. Well, it turned out this pattern is known in the branch of mathmatics knows as combinations, and is called a Latin Square. A latin square is a grid in which each row and column contains a bunch of numbers and symbols, and those numbers or symbols occur only once in each row and column. Think "Sudoku". Using this concept, I was able to create a program which creates a unique schedule.

2010 Redesign

In 2010 the site went through a redesign to freshen the look (seems to be a recurring theme) and new features added. I also launched an Android mobile app.

2012 Stats R Us

In 2012, a lot of new stats were added to the system, including a bunch of reporting which compares your scores from season to season. This was a big hit with my customers! I also refactored the internal structure of the program so it would be easier to add on features in the future. While it wasn't noticable to my customers, it made for rapid additions to the site.

It started to become time consuming for me in 2012 answering many of the same questions over and over, so I launched my Golf League Tracker YouTube channel. I try to update my help videos as much as required as the web site changes. It's really helped cut down on the basic questions, and I believe has helped both potential customer and current customers in maintaining their leagues.

The Mobile Generation

2014 marked the year in which I noticed mobile and tablet traffic REALLY taking off, so I redesigned the site once again to support Responsive Design. This concept adapts the look of the website to the device and/or screen size which you're using. In this way, a mobile user doesn't see exacly what a desktop user sees, because their screen is much too small to be useful.

Also in 2014 Golf League Tracker saw some new scoring options added, including Stableford and Team Best Ball, as well as a high/low scoring option.

2017-2018 was a huge step forward for Golf League Tracker. New technologies to migrate old code to a newer code base as well as expanded server capability (moved to Microsoft Azure) allows better uptime, better analytics and performance insights, which has helped improved the stability and performance of the website.

In addition, 2018 saw the first iteration of Live Scoring on the website, which will continue to grow and be enhanced for the 2019 season.

The Present

Today we're seeing the next generation of Golf League Tracker. Using the latest web technologies will make the site more interactive and friendly to you, whether you're using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone to access the site.

I expand Golf League Tracker every year, adding new features, redesigning this and that to work best with current and past technologies. I want to thank everybody who has supported Golf League Tracker over the years. It's become a passion for me, and without you, I wouldn't be putting forth the time and effort to make it the best Golf League Software site on the internet.

Sincerely, Bob Areddy