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World Handicap System - Calculate Playing Handicap

This calculator calculates a player's "Playing Handicap" from their official USGA Handicap Index for the tee box you assign them to. If you don't have a handicap, you can use this calculator to first calculate your handicap index.

What's the Difference between your "Handicap Index" and "Playing Handicap"

Your Handicap Index is a number which is calculated based on the scores you have played. This number has been "normalized" to take into account the difficulty of the course and teeboxes which you play for each round. Once you have this number, you use it to calculate your Playing Handicap for the round.

Your "Playing Handicap" is the number you use when playing a match. You take your Handicap Index, and convert it to a "Playing Handicap" using the formula below. You need to do this because your handicap index doesn't know anything about the round you're playing next. If you were a 10.0 handicap index, it wouldn't be fair to get 10 strokes in the next round regardless of which tee box you're going to play.

The Formula

To calculate the player's Playing Handicap, the formula is simply:

Playing Handicap = (Index * Slope / 113) + Course Rating - Par

How to Use

Enter your tee box information and player information below and select the tee box which the player is assigned to. The Playing Handicap is calculated as you type.

Course Information