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World Handicap System - Calculate Your Index

This calculator calculates a player's "Handicap Index" from a list of scores they enter. Do you want to calculate the playing handicap index? Click Here.

What's the Difference between your "Handicap Index" and "Playing Handicap"?

Your Handicap Index is a number which is calculated based on the scores you have played. This number has been "normalized" to take into account the difficulty of the course and tee boxes which you played for each round. Once you have this number, you use it to calculate your Playing Handicap for the next round you're going to play.

Your "Playing Handicap" is the number you use when playing a match. You take your Handicap Index, and convert it to a "Playing Handicap". You need to do this because your handicap index doesn't know anything about the round you're playing next. For example, if you were a 10.0 handicap index, it wouldn't be fair to get the same number of strokes if you're playing the back tees vs the forward tees.

What is an "Adjusted Score"?

The USGA requires that you adjust any unusual score for a hole down to a net double bogey based on your Playing Handicap. If your playing handicap is 18, then you get a stroke a hole, which means you can make up to a triple bogey on each hole for handicapping purposes. If you make something larger than a triple bogey, you must reduce your score by the difference.

How to Use

Enter your most recent 20 scores, with the course rating, slope, and adjusted score.