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Typical League Settings

To give you a better indication of some settings that leagues use in Golf League Tracker, the following are some averages of all of the paid leagues on the system:

Average League Settings
Description Amount
League Length 18 rounds
Handicap Percentage 91.4%
# of Scores To Average: 6.35
# of Scores To Establish Average: 2.10
# of Low Rounds to Drop: 0.26
# of High Rounds to Drop: 0.54

The following are the percentage of leagues in Golf League Tracker who play a particular format. Note that some leagues mix formats, such as playing Individual Match Play along with Stableford, so the percentages will not add up to 100%.

Common League Formats
Description Amount
Individual Player Leagues 32%
2-Player Team Leagues 68%
Individual Leagues-Match Play for Individual Leagues 86%
Individual Leagues-Points for Low Net Score 72%
Individual League Match Play for 2-Player Teams
(teammates points are combined)
2-Player Best Ball: 2%
Stableford: 4%