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All About Handicaps

Looking at the Details

Once in Golf League Tracker, if you want to see the details of how a player's handicap is calculated, you can go to the player list and click on the Player's current handicap to see the detailed calculation.

How it Calculates

Golf League Tracker has a number of options available to help your league administrator set the system up to your liking. When a score is entered, edited, or deleted, handicaps are recalcuated for that group:

Padding the Scores

If your league is set with Handicap Padding > 0 rounds, if necessary it fills in the score list with a score which is representative of the player's Starting Handicap, up to whatever number of Handicap Padding scores you have this set to. For example, if you have your league set to take the most recent 5 scores, and Handicap Padding is set to 3, and a player has actual score in the system, Golf League Tracker will create 3 more scores to get the player's score history up to 4 rounds (3 padding scores +1 actual round). When the player plays a second round, the player will have 3 padding scores +2 actual rounds. When the player plays his 3rd round, he will have 2 padding scores (1 rolled off) +3 actual rounds, because we have Golf League Tracker set to take the most recent 5 rounds.

The purpose of this padding is to prevent a player's handicap from fluctuating wildly at the start of the year or if the player is new to your league and has no score history. Note that you can also enter "historical scores" for a player (generally from the end of the previous season) if your league is new to Golf League Tracker, or if a player is new to your league.

Click here to see an example of a handicap calculation with and without padding.

Minimum Rounds Required

One of the settings in Golf League Tracker is the "Minimum Rounds Required" setting which will prevent a handicap from being calculated until the player has this many rounds in the system, UNLESS the player has a starting handicap entered.

Why Doesn't A Player Have a Handicap?

A player won't have a handicap if he doesn't have the required minimum number of rounds, AND he doesn't have a starting handicap entered.

Starting Handicap vs. Current Handicap

The current handicap is the handicap which is used the next time a score for that player is entered into the system.  It will also be the number which is printed on the score cards if you use the built in score card function.

The starting handicap is used for two purposes:  To calculate a Padding Score if that option is turned on for the league, and to tell the system to calculate handicaps for that player if he doesn't have the minimum number of rounds entered.

How To Handle Subs

How you count a sub's score is really up to the league rules.  If you want the sub's score to count, enter a current handicap for the player before you enter his score.  Otherwise a sub will be treated just like a regular player, and he will need to have the minimum number of rounds entered into the system before a handicap is established.

I Can't Record Points!!

You can't record points because one or more players for the foursome doesn't have an established handicap. You have to wait until all players in a group have handicaps established, and then go back to previous rounds to Record Points.

What Happens Once a Player Establishes a Handicap?

Once the player has the minimum number of rounds required, the system will go in and do the following:

If you have any further questions about handicaps are calculated, please contact support.